Saturday, March 28, 2009

Blogging Break

Spending the weekend in New York with Patty. Update you guys soon!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Welcome back, Patty!!!

Our good ol' friend, Patricia, is here for a visit so what better way to spend a rainy day but to be cooped up in a couple of Smithsonian Museums. P with her Suhali L'affriolant & S-lock shoes Arjay and Patty at the Freer Gallery of Art My Mini Lin and Me Angry Asians Being photographed by a hot Euro or corn-fed buckeroo. We couldn't decide. Thomas Wilmer Dewing (American, 1851–1938) I Thomas Wilmer Dewing (American, 1851–1938) II Thomas Wilmer Dewing (American, 1851–1938) III Beneath Abbott Handerson Thayer (American, 1849-1921) Damage control for my Speedy. It was raining really hard!!!

Abanicos de Rossy de Palma para Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton in collaboration with Rossy de Palma has designed these hand held fans to benefit OrphanAid Africa, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) in Ghana, West Africa. I believe the fan above is named "El Ojo de la Conciencia" which in my little knowledge of Spanish means "The Eye of Consciousness". The fans will be sold from March 26 to March 31 for €400 in the eight stores of Louis Vuitton in Spain (Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid, Puerto Banús and Valencia). Sigh...that's such a short window for me to get one. Me sad...UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE: I just called Louis Vuitton Bilbao and only the YELLOW fan is available for purchase. The black one is for auction. Unfortunately, they don't ship to the USA.

Rossy de Palma and Louis Vuitton Abanicos Collection (Hand Held Fans)

I still remember the days in the Philippines when I would sit in class and nothing would soothe the balmy air save for my trustee ol' abanico. They went from cheesy cloth ones that you could buy at a kiosk, to more sophisticated ones that were imported by Rustan's from Spain. It is such a pleasure to see that Vuitton is releasing a collection of hand held fans for a good cause. Designed by icon of contemporary Spanish culture, Rossy de Palma , here she is presenting her collection in Madrid. I would move heaven and earth to get one. LVoe, LVoe, LVoe it!!! Photos: Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kate Moss Forever

Another one for Arjay wherein Kate is carrying the SC Bag in Suede Asphalt (Sofia Coppola Collection). LVoe it!!!

Spring is here!!!

DC is world famous for its cherry blossom trees that was given in 1912 by the people of Japan as a symbol of enduring friendship between our countries. It is really breathtaking at its peak and the blossoms have started to bloom today!!! Here's a sprig that I harvested from my very own tree photographed with Louis Vuitton's Spring Runway Pieces: 2007's LoVe Tote & Panama Bowly, 2008's Watercolour Frame Speedy and 2009's African Queen Mara. Visit the National Cherry Blossom Festival website. LVoe it!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

LVook-See of Cruise 2009's Galliera Python

Another piece that caught our wandering eyes was the Galliera in Python. Brought in for the store's special event, the exotic piece is a sight to behold. Lined in beige, buttery-soft leather, it contrasts perfectly with the reptilian exterior. If you don't like snakes, this is not for you because you could actually feel the scales brushing against your skin. It is a bit rigid as opposed to other exotic bags that I have felt before. The size is GM so it's a lot of snake to take in. If I could cough up $8500, this sepentine baby would have gone home with me. LVoe it!!!

LVook-See Review of the Cabas Ipanema

I had a rough day at work today so when Jerome invited me to do a LVook-See at our local boutique, I didn't even consider going to the gym anymore. Upon entering, we immediately saw the vibrant colors amid the Monogram browns. Proudly displayed in their respective shelves were the rose, jaune, marine and sable of the Cabas Ipanema. Both sizes, GM and PM were already available for pre-sale for Saturday's official release. The bag is pretty much like the Tahitienne in many respects but has a more rounded shape. Pleats add a nice touch at the bottom and the interior is roomy and has a pochette that is attached with a leather strap. J wanted the GM but the handles he says is not comfortable as a shoulder bag due to the way the straps are cut. The LVoely associate said that the leather will soften in time and hence would be more comfy. One thing I like about it, is the button detail that has the "Articles de Voyage Louis Vuitton" engraved on it. Overall it's a great beach tote and will hold summer paraphernalia well. Prices are $1080 for the PM and $1250 for the GM. Pardon the blurry pic. Revamp

Check out the newly improved website. The "Collections" (use to be Catalogue) are now to be viewed in a horizontal fashion, making it infinitely easier to browse. A LVoely wallpaper also frames the bags, wallets, etc...all in the hopes of grabbing our attention. Visit to enjoy!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Bond Street Ring

I was just sifting through the website and found this interesting piece of Men's Jewelry, the Bond Street Ring. Feauturing a perforated flower on sterling silver, this classic signet ring design is a must have for the LV Man. It is part of a collection of necklace and tie pin. $420 at LVoe it!!!

Better Pics of the New Denim Colors Gris and Rose

Check out Bagaholicboy's Blog. Gris in the soon to be released Denim Slightly Rose in Neo Cabby

Selamat Pagi, Indonesia!!!

Looks like y'all got a brand new store and an exclusively designed chale Mono Lurex pictured below that will only be available for one month. Congratulations!!! & LVoe it!!!

Let's Cruise on Over Part Trois

The last of the Cruise 2009 pieces is the Surya that is named after the Hindu Sun god who rides in his fiery chariot and is the inspiration for the overall look of glam and gloss of this XL bag. The Monogram perforations is meticulously crafted onto the patent leather that is lightweight and supple. Measuring 29.5"x 12.6"x 9.8" this oversize hobo comes in violet, black and brown. $3360 at or save on tax at .

Sunday, March 22, 2009

First LVook: New Denim Colors Gris & Rose

Adieu Blue Denim and Bonjour Gris and Rose, the new colours for the Denim Collection. The Gris has a silvery matte cast to it while the Rose is a shy blush of pink. The Denim Line is one of the expensive collections in the House of Vuitton due to the lengthy process it takes to produce the monogram flowers. I can't wait to see it in these new offerings. LVoe it!!! Photos: Jenny

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Weekend Trip to LV

I decided to enjoy the early part of the day with a much needed trip to Louis Vuitton. I have not seen the Boetie in person and a review is so much better when you do it from life. The bag is truly amazing as it is as light as a feather. Much different from its older cousin, the Griet. The worrisome part of it though for me is the vache leather that details it especially the bottom trims. There has been a suggestion that the current leather that LV uses is not at par with the older models wherein the vache turns to a golden patina. The patina is now blotchy and the leather at times scaly. But this topic is for another day. Let's go back to the Boetie. The new twist lock is pretty and easy to handle but the zippered closure could prove to be a challenge. I guess leaving it open as you carry it is an alternative. All in all, the Boetie is an excellent choice if you are looking for a Monogram Canvas piece that has a little bit more to offer in terms of design and style. I LVoe the new window of crates and packaging that LV has for this season to feature the Boetie and other pieces, of course. As for the pic above, I couldn't help but ask my associate to take a pic of me with the Spicy Sandal in Suede Baby Goat Leather . The shoe is a testimony to Italian craftsmanship. I do not know if they are comfy though but apparently they are flying off the shelves. The insock is lined with padded miniature Monogram Canvas and the heel itself is covered in leather. The beadwork is not distracting at all but makes the shoe truly unique. I must admit that I was tempted to buy it just to showcase in my home. This is one of my favourite shoe collections of Vuitton. LVoe it!!! PS. The friend who went with me to the boutique waitlisted for an upcoming bag. Can you guess who it is from the window display's reflection?

Friday, March 20, 2009

First LVook: New Suhali Pieces

Pics from Jenny. Slated to be released in the early part of May, these pieces are sure to win the hearts of goat LVoers out there. L'Absolu (Eng. absolute) $3390 In the lookbook this was just described as a shoulder bag. Take note also of the new color called POURPRE or TANAMI which means crimson. LVoe it!!! L'Essentiel (Eng. essential) $2470 Le Somptueux (Eng. lavish) $890 Le Prodigieux (Eng. phenomenal) $1120

Awww...this made my night

My dear ol' friend, Susanne just sent me this pic of her in front of the Louis Vuitton Wynn in Vegas. It took her quite sometime to figure out how to transfer the pic from her Blackberry but it was worth the wait. Miss you, Anak and visit us soon! LVoe it!!!

When is this coming out?!? The African Queen Monogram Metisse

I want to see the African Queen Métisse in Coconut. According to the website: "The African Queen clutch in Monogram Métisse mixes embroidered silk satin, feathers and beads for a chic Parisian look with an exotic touch." Aside from the color, I am interested to see the lambskin that lines this wonderful clutch. Seldom does Vuitton line their pieces this way so a touchy-feel-field trip is in order. LVoe it!!! Only the indigo blue color is featured in the UK

Damier Neverfull available at Selfridges & Co.

Thank you Cheryl for tipping my UK LVoe readers about this. Apparently it is exclusively sold at Selfridges to celebrate the 100th birthday of the legendary department store. For six weeks the bag will only retail in their Oxford Street and Manchester branches. After that, it will be available throughout the United Kingdom Louis Vuitton boutiques and lease departments. Now all you ladies and gents across the pond will soon enjoy the benefits of the Damier Neverfull. LVoe it!!!

Louis Vuitton Kalahari

Kalahari GM in Masala Kalahari PM in Safran (above) and Paprika (below) Ahhh...finally, the Kalahari. The website toots it as the "emblamatic shape of the ethnic inpiration show". This runway bag is crafted from embossed leather, Ayers and metallic leather trim. Both have an oversized flap that could be adjusted with the bead laden drawstring. The interior shown here is of the PM and it doesn't seem too bad to get in and out of as compared to the GM. Sizes are 9.8" x 9" x 3.9" for the PM while 13" x 11.8" x 3.5" GM. GM only comes in Masala while the PM comes in Safran (Yellow) and Paprika (Red). Take note that the color names comes from famous spices the world over.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Two Become One

Yup, it's confirmed! Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone has just announced their engagement. The two LVoebirds have been dating for about a year now (I think) as seen from my previous post. They have apparently gotten each other rings though no date yet has been set for the actual nuptials. Congratz, guys and here's wishing both of you TRUE LOVE.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dear Marc Jacobs and Paul Helbers,

Please, please, please choose this bag to go into production. It will be my first Men's Runway Bag if you do and I will truly be happy. I really LVoe it and will forever treasure it. Thank you, Louis Vuitton LoVer Photo: DazedDigital
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