Tuesday, December 27, 2011

From Maggie with LVoe

I went home for the Holidays in the Philippines and busy with family and friends. But when I received this e-mail from Maggie, I knew I just had to post it. Presenting, the new Epi Colours! Thanks, M! Happy New Year to All!!! LVoe it!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Maligayang Pasko Po Sa Inyong Lahat!!!

Merry Christmas to All!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Louis Vuitton La Haute Maroquinerie

Special thanks to Julia. Ever feel sometimes that there is an LV boutique in every mall and you practically see someone carrying one just around the corner? Well for those of you that lust for the über exclusive, Louis Vuitton has introduced La Haute Maroquinerie which literally means, high leather goods. The Salon de Haute Maroquinerie (only a few stores will have this) is a section of the boutique where customers can special order bags, choosing from eight different types of leathers or skins, 26 colors and five shapes. The bags are the New Lockit, Triangle (East-West Lockit), Noe and two new shapes, the Neo Steamer (Trapeze) and Milaris (Berlingot). First introduced for the re-opening of the Milan boutique this past September, they are LV's way to bring back the mystique of an exclusive piece from their atelier. Judging from the high price tag (€5,000 to €15,000), they are mostly likely hand stitched by artisans and only using the finest of the world' leathers. I personally LVoe the Trapeze. What do y'all think? Neo-Steamer (Trapeze) Milaris (Berlingot)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Louis Vuitton "Inspiration Song"

This Friday night, Louis Vuitton is hosting the Young People’s Chorus of New York City, its first-ever recipient of the Louis Vuitton Inspiration Grant. The invite only event in the Big Apple is the stage wherein LV will unveil their very own “Inspiration Song”, inspired by Bruno Aveillan’s Louis Vuitton film “A Journey.” Louis Vuitton North America president and chief executive officer Valerie Chapoulaud-Floquet had this to say about it: “The inauguration of the Louis Vuitton Inspiration Grant, which recognizes the accomplishments of exceptional youth arts programs, is a reflection of our deep commitment to arts education here in North America”.I can't wait to hear it! Just so you know, the photo is Helena Christensen in Duran Duran's 2011 'Girl Panic' vid.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2012 Ad Campaign

I highly doubt that any of you LVoe readers have forgotten the dreamy carousel ride that we all took for the Spring Summer fashion show. Well, Vuitton is continuing the girl stride with its candy coloured ads for the upcoming season. Shot by Steven Meisel, Daria Strokous and Kati Nescher LVook positively adorable perched on pink covered seats with an equally girly ice cream parlour as their backdrop. Plus, those delectable sundaes are to die for; I could almost taste 'em! LVoe it!!!

Louis Vuitton First LVook: Monogram Vernis Rayures

Christmas and Channukah are only a few days away but Louis Vuitton has already released photos of their Valentine 2012 Collection starting off with the Monogram Vernis Rayures. The Vernis Collection is a beautiful line to showcase the Day of Hearts. Its lush colours lends itself to the holiday and what better way to spice it up than to interpret it with the 19th century Rayée design from the trunks and luggages of old. LVoe, LVoe, LVoe it!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

11 more days to go!!!

And it's Christmas!!!

Elle Fanning

Photos:zimbio Fast forward to Elle Fanning wearing SS 2012 Vuitton from head to toe at the red carpet premiere of her new film "We Bought a Zoo", held at the Ziegfeld Theater in New York City.


The Smurfs hold a special memory from when I was a kid. My family used to live in Holland and our tinsy winsy flat overlooked a BP whose mascot in the late seventies were the Smurfs. Everytime my parents bought something from the station, they would get this bag with a Smurf head on it which I then cut and placed on about everything. So, I was thrilled that Harpers Bazaar featured Smurfette in their past August issue. Here she is wearing Vuitton FW 2011 2012 from head to toe. LVoe it!!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Louis Vuitton Polo Bicycle

Cycle Polo, a variant of its illustrious equestrian counterpart founded in Ireland is a growing sport not only in the US but also worldwide. It is no wonder then that Louis Vuitton has interpreted the human powered vehicle and made it its own. From the Monogram Flower chain ring to the customized mallet, the bike is truly Vuittonized. The Damier spoke guard is what kills me. Shot for Intersection Magazine, I think I may take up this sport for the summer. Special thanks to Julia S for the heads up. LVoe it!!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Unexpected LVook-See: Lockit and Saumur

I just happened to be in the mall today with Arjay and Liz when we decided to pop in our local boutique. I wasn't really expecting much but lo and behold, someone was LVooking at the New Lockit. I never really understood the expensive price point ($2840 I think for an MM) until I opened the bag. What greeted me was luscious goat leather in sumptuous bordeaux. Now that explained a lot! The MM had an "open pocket" inside plus the fancy pull tab taken from the FW's Fascination Lockit, only to have the resin replaced with vache leather. The piece was amazing! Next we saw two of the Cruise 2012 Collection pieces. The Perforated Saumur going for around upper $2K and the Pochette with its encased mirror inside ($1250). The canvas was lined in alcantara just like the collection from Spring Summer 2006. The Saumur was more practical but the clutch was really LVoely. The vache leather is also oxidized so it has that patina LVook. I just added this shot to include the amazing table that the bags were sitting on as well as the side view of the double compartment Saumur. Pardon the blurry snapshot of me and Arjay. It must've been the martinis we were enjoying! LVoe, LVoe, LVoe it!!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bryan Grey Yambao aka Bryanboy

Bryanboy wearing the Shearling Fetish Hat and carrying the Fetish Lockit Clutch at Japan's Fashion Night Out this past November. Venue: Hermès LVoe it!!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

From My Birkin Blog with LVoe

Dear In LVoe with Louis Vuitton, In LVoe from My Birkin Blog! I am a fan of your blog. That is why I am sharing the photo my two favourite Louis Vuitton pieces- the DouDou Bear and the Stephen Sprouse Graffiti Neverfull in fuchsia with you and your readers. This is the first time they both came out of the dust bags for some fresh air. I am a lucky person of 500 to have this bear. I also know you are a fan of HERMES Birkin bags. Look forward to seeing some photos of you and your Birkin Bag collection. Enjoy your holidays and love to see more updates, Best Wishes, My Birkin Blog http://mybirkinblog.blogspot.com Wow, who knew that one lil' bear could bring so much reaction. Thanks, MBB for the photo! LVoe it!!!

Naomi Campbell

LVoely Naomi Campbell with her Monogram Addiction at the Art Basel Festvial in Miami

Louis Vuitton Travel Room in Soho

Eeeekkk!!! The Louis Vuitton Travel Room in Soho, New York City is now open! My SA was telling me about this but I really couldn't imagine it. The first in North America, this room, as the name implies, is designed to cater to one's travel needs. After all, LV grew from being a trunk-maker so it's nice to see that they are still paying homage to their history. I can't wait to get to the Big Apple to see this first hand. LVoe it!!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Louis Vuitton New Lockit

Christmas is just around the corner and the new LVook of the Monogram Lockit is now making the rounds in boutiques worldwide. As for the US, it is slated to be released this month with no definite date yet. Prices for PM, MM and GM are $2500, $2800 and $3140, respectively. LVoe it!!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Louis Vuitton unveils Sydney Store

And it's not just any store, it's a Maison, one of the 13 boutiques that holds this title was opened today for the Aussie Fashionistas down under. Cate Blanchett was invited to do the honors of cutting the ribbon. The new store is located on George and King Street, just across the road from the Apple store. As a side note, I read that Yves Carcelle, exiting chief executive of LV popped into the Manila store (my home country) on Thursday. LVoe it!!! Cate LVooking positively raidiant in a SS 2012 dress. Miranda Kerr Lara Bingle Jessica Gomes. Hmmm...I wonder if the Australian gents also wore Vuitton. Callan McAuliffe Dan Carter

Kate Moss

Photos: zimbio Kate Moss running errands in London today. After more than two years, I am happy to see that she is still using her SC Bag in Suede Asphalt. LVoe it!!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

New Louis Vuitton Boutique

What better way to start the month of December than to have Louis Vuitton open a new boutique! I was invited by my LVoely SA to see the new store before it opens to the public. Here are some stolen shots that I took and I hope you enjoy them! The facade - I still can't get used to an LV inside a mall... Champagne at 3:30 in the afternoon! My darling SA! Our very own Bag Bar! I LVoe how they created a space just for men. Fall Winter Collection pieces. I adore the lil' masks! Of course, in such expensive surroundings where I saw the $14,000 Exotic -trimmed Mahina or the $9,000 Birdie Alma, my eye caught the cheapest thing on the shelves - The Louis Vuitton Architecture and Interiors book in its limited edition Damier sleeve. I think there are three versions of this cover but I didn't have a choice since it was their only copy and I would like to have a souvenir of the opening. LVoe, LVoe, LVoe it!!! Thanks, ML!!!
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