Saturday, May 28, 2011

Four Years & Counting!!!

Four years ago TODAY, I stepped into our local Louis Vuitton boutique and came out with my very first LV, the Reporter PM. Since then, despite the acquistion of limited and seasonal pieces, I still LVoe my very first!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Nyasha Matonhodze for Louis Vuitton

Nyasha Matonhodze , a 16 year model from Zimbabwe is one of the fresh new faces of upcoming models that the House of Vuitton has contracted for their Fall Winter 2011 2012 campaign. LVoe it!!!

Louis Vuitton Evening Bag Collection: Minaudière Petit Trésor Mira

An evening bag is a must have in one's wardrobe to accent a whole LVook and the Minaudière Mira does the job fabulously! Embellised lavishly with acetate crystals, this occasional bag is clearly a show stopper. Green is my current favourite colour and the malachite closure makes me LVoe it!!! Part of pre-fall2011 with an estimated price tag of $7900.

"Secret Places at Louis Vuitton" - The Hotel Martinez Suite

Friday, May 20, 2011

Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2011 2012

Photos: What to LVook forward to this coming F/W? Well, as seen from the electrifying Fashion Show, Marc's take on this season has that dominatrix aura hence the mask and vibrant colours. The pieces combine soft and hard (shearling and scales) to create that excitement so characteristic of the fetish. To top it all off, the clochette slids snugly into an insert. Very suggestive! LVoe it!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Louis Vuitton Ad Fall Winter 2011 2012: JAPANESE CHINS

OMG!!!!!!! A photo of the Fall Winter Ads just came out featuring Daphne Groeneveld and Anaïs Pouliot and they are both toting JAPANESE CHINS just like my Piolo!!! The distracted pooches are simply adorable. Apparently, the dogs had their own auditions for the part but only 7 pedigreed pairs made the cut. Other human models were Zuzanna Bijoch, Gertrud Hegelund, Nyasha Matonhodze and Fei Fei Sun. “Who wouldn’t want to be this gorgeous young woman in the back seat of this beautiful car?” asks Marc Jacobs. Steven Meisel shot the campaign, with styling by Karl Templer, makeup by Pat McGrath and hair by Guido Palau. They are expected to hit the stands by August. Sigh...I wish Marc has met Piolo. He's been in LVoe with Louis Vuitton as long as I have. Photos from WWD except Piolo of course! LVoe, LVoe, LVoe it!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Louis Vuitton Insolite New Colours

Wow, the new Insolite has new colours to liven our spring and summer months. Orange, Pistache, Violet and Citron are sure to win LVoers with a vibrant eye. Available at for $760. LVoe it!!!

Who's wearing Vuitton? Rachel McAdams!

Actress Rachel McAdams attends The Cinema Society & Thierry Mugler screening of "Midnight in Paris" at Tribeca Grand Screening Room on May 17, 2011 in New York City. (Getty Images North America. that a Sprouse Print?! LVoe it!!!

Giant Louis Vuitton suitcase to be demolished in Shanghai

OOOOHHHH NOOOOO! The humungous Louis Vuitton suitcase advertisement in Nanjing Road, Downtown Shanghai may be torn down within a week after the city government launched a crackdown on advertising that violates regulations. The 20 meters tall and 4 meters thick advertisement was built to conceal construction but it violates the 9 meter cap that the city ordains for ads. It's a shame but I guess I understand the residents that complain that other companies might follow suit.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

More of Angelina and her LV Sac Plat

Photos: zimbio So effortlessly chic! I LVoe, LVoe, LVoe her!!!

First LVook: Pre-Fall Monogram Blocks and Denim

From the LV release: With colour blocks of dyed leathers and Monogram canvas, the Art Deco Diva’s bags and clutches combine muted tones with smooth and grained leathers, embossed with the LV initials. The hand-held bag is a key look from that era and accentuates the Art Deco style. For the evening, the clutchin stingray – one of the favorite materials of that time – with its LV clasp, is a must. The large tote, with straps that can be hooked over the shoulder, comes in a larger size for a more active, contemporary lifestyle. The precision detailing is carried over to the interior, with its colour block lining. I'm still on the fence with these bags and I'm not sure if the denim is actually Pre-Fall 2011. Maybe when I see them in real life. What dy'all think?

Louis Vuitton First LVook: Mirabeau

Slated to be released the 1st of June (not quite sure about this date), the Mirabeau is part of the "electrique" finish of the Epi Line. It is both handheld and shoulder due to its removable strap. It will come in Ivoire, Noir and Prune. Sizes will be PM and GM and priced at $1670 and $2150, respectively. LVoe it!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Les Arts Décoratifs to host exhibit in honor of Vuitton & Jacobs

Les Arts Décoratifs in Paris is hosting an exhibition dedicated to Louis Vuitton next year. The museum's curator plans to showcase dual periods in the House's illustrious history animated by two of its key figures: its namesake who started out as a trunk maker back in 1854 and Marc Jacobs. Jacobs is very proud of his work and recently revealed he will only put his name on things he believes in. He said: "If we didn't believe in what we did, then I would feel that we sold out. As long as we do things with integrity and believe in them and are passionate, I don't think we've sold out. Whether it's an $11 flip-flop or a $2 key ring or a $2,000 dress, they're all done with integrity. They're all done with a design sense. As long as the creativity exists, then I don't think it's a sell-out. A sell-out is putting your name on any piece of crap and then expecting people to buy it because it's got your name on it. That's what a sell-out is to me."

Angelina Jolie

Wow, with Angelina as the new Face of Vuitton, I guess the company wants her to be photographed in one of their pieces. Here she is with Brad heading out to dinner last Sunday in Golfe Juan, France. It would be nice to think that she chose the Sac Plat, a staple of the House, instead of fancy, seasonal bags. I could smell the new vache from the pics. LVoe it!!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

From Boracay with LVoe

I guess my friend Arjay is having a great time in the Philippines. Thanks for remembering me while you're on holiday. LVoe, LVoe, LVoe it!!!

64th Cannes Film Festival: Who wore Vuitton?

Uma Thurman in a dress by LV. Gong Li is wearing a pair of earrings and a ring from L'Ame du Voyage collection and a ring from Les Eclatantes collection Lea Seydoux is wearing a pink cap sleeve dress in silk chiffon, black grosgrain belt, a bracelet from Fans and Umbrellas collection and a pair of earrings from La Malle aux Tresors collection Emily Browning is wearing a L'Aventeur bustier dress.

Louis Vuitton Voyages at the National Museum of China

Wow, this is pretty exciting. Starting May 29 to August 30, 2011, the National Museum of China will host an exhibit by Louis Vuitton called "Voyages". I can't get to the Museum's website so not much info there. I wonder if this is the same as the Voyage en Capitale that closed in Paris last February. Any reader insights?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day Trip to NYC

Jeff had a friend visiting from Korea who wanted to take a day trip to New York City. So when he asked me if I wanted to go, I couldn't say "yes" any faster because I knew that the Met had just opened the "Savage Beauty" exhibit in honour of the late Alexander McQueen. Running from May 4, 2011 to July 31, 2011, I couldn't pass the opportunity. Of course, on the way to the Met, an obligatory stop at the Maison was in order. was like visiting a grand ol' house... ...with an ostrich for a butler! These windows are so creative! LVoe it!!! The Ostrich was carrying the Le Délicieux in Shiny Crocodile. Quite an expensive taste to have in one's beak, don't you think? I must admit that the gaze of the bird was a little unnerving. Even though these are not actual taxidermic specimens, (they are only SIMULATED ostriches) I could almost hear it squack saying that "I died to hold a Louis!" I wonder how long it took for these exotiques to hatch? Note: supposedly, these are actual ostrich eggs. I guess Vuitton is pushing the shape of the Lockit to be it's exotic answer to the Birkin. Sigh, the's $4K...boohoo... Sandale Artifice in Patent Leather & Suede I wouldn't mind having the Autruche Zippy in Gris. LVoe it!!! I spent a long time relishing the RTW on the second and third floors and took a snap shot of an accessory that stood out for me. Interestingly enough it is called the Savage Pendant. Perfect for the McQueen exhibit! Ailleurs Ready to Wear. That's it folks for LV. Now on to the museum! At the steps of the Met. Gosh my hair LVooks horrid! The entrance to the exhibit is flanked by two McQueen pieces. Unfortunately, you can't take photos inside because the Met does not own all that is on display. I highly recommend the catalogue of the exhibit entitled "Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty" by Andrew Bolton. I bought a souvenir ornament of McQueen's Armadillo Shoe and was pleasantly surprised to find out that it's made in the Philippines!!! Imelda will be proud of that! LVoe, LVoe, LVoe it!!! Thanks for LVooking!
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