Saturday, November 29, 2008

Nite Out

From Melbourne with LVoe

Featured today is Nix and his good friend Jennifer as they pose with their Roxbury Drive and Bedford, two of my favorites from the Vernis collection. They look fabulous, don't they?! But aside from their LV's, I was astounded by the Ferrero Rocher installation in the background, this being my favorite chocolate. Thanks for sharing, Nix. LVoe it!!!

New Vernis Colors for Spring Summer 2009

I decided to use the painting "Tampuhan" by the renowned Philippine painter, Juan Luna to showcase Vuitton's new color palette for the Vernis Line. Painted in 1895, the scene depicts a lovers' quarrel set in a typical Philippine colonial house. It is a snapshot of life in old world Manila. As you can see, the new colors of the Vernis compliments this painting beautifully. From the top we have Rose Pop, Vert Tonic, Bleu Galactic and then Orange Sunset. Vernis Colors:

Huh???!!! I wonder if LV US will do the same...

Source: Japan Times

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I have a lot to be thankful for!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

First LVook: Denim Pochette Brodée

Even though it's practically freezing where I am, I can't help but feel the warmth and excitement that the Spring Summer 2009 Collection brings. This new interpretation of the Vuitton Denim is quite interesting. The monogram and flowers are teased out of the fabric but this time with colors that vie for Nature's palette. I can't wait to see this because I LVoe it!!! More from the collection to come in the following days. Photo:

Holidays by Louis Vuitton

Make your wishlist boys and girls. And remember, I'll be checking it twice! Visit or purchase from to save on tax.

Paparazzi puuuuhhh-leeezzz!!!

You can take pics now inside the 5th Avenue store!!!!

For the longest time, LV never allowed outright photography within their stores but I just received an e-mail from a little P birdee that this is something that they allow nowadays within the New York Flagship. I cannot vouch for the other stores but just a tidbit info for all you Holidays shoppers in the Big Apple. Here are photos from eastriver39 of flickr of the Maison in all its Holiday Murakami splendor. Thanks, P for giving me another reason to take a trip to NY!

Monday, November 24, 2008

I LVoe Paris

Gosh, I haven't posted a Paris photo in ages! Here she is with a discontinued Spring Street in Vernis Fuschia (or Framboise).

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Speaking of Exhibits: Rock on Mars at the Deitch Project

Ushering 2009 with a bang, the Deitch Project is hosting a retrospective of Stephen Sprouse's work called Rock on Mars. It promises to transform its 18 Wooster Street Gallery into a 'realization of the artist's rock and roll futuristic vision.' As you all know, our highly esteemed Marc Jacobs is a huge fan of Sprouse's and in conjunction with the project, he has created a new collection for Vuitton resurrecting the Sprouse Graffiti from 2001 but this time in glow-in-the-dark luminescent form. Collection hits stores in January 9, 2009 to coincide with the exhibit's opening. Click the link above for more info.

Sunday at the National Gallery

Jeff and I have been wanting to see the exhibit, Pompeii and the Roman Villa, at the National Gallery of Art. What better way to enjoy a lazy Sunday than to spend it with antiquities. For the Gallery's site, click here or for the exhibit's downloadable brochure, click here. Me and Mon Monogram in front of the Capitol

Louis Vuitton iPod Trunk

Karl Lagerfeld really LVoes his iPods! Aside from the Fendi Juke Box that he designed to supposedly hold his 40 iPod collection (it only holds 12), he has now commissioned the Vuitton atelier to construct a Taiga trunk that will hold 20 iPods, a set of JBL iPod speakers, subwoofer, and iPod docks. I guess I won't be seeing this in store unless I happen to be there when Tito Karl picks up his special order.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Adieu, Whisper!!!

After several harrowing trips to LV, I had to say goodbye to my Whisper GM. The handle glaze was unraveling and even with replacements, the same problem happened within a day! The Store Manager decided that it was a material defect and she asked me to return it. So, I'm really sad since it was the bag that was with me and Jeff in Paris, a silent witness to all we experienced in that trip.

Enter the Dream

Visit I LVoe, LVoe the soundtrack!!!

Cold Purple Day

Featuring Jerome's new wall art in the background.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Today's Visit at the Boutique

Holiday Window Display 2008: Faceted glass balls with suspended Vuitton pieces within them.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Congratulations, New Englanders!

Now, Connecticut can enjoy the luxury of having their own Louis Vuitton Boutique conveniently located at the West Farm Mall. Comprising of 2900-square feet, this is Vuitton's 4th store in New England and will showcase leather goods, jewelry and sunglasses.

Capping off Men's Nite

Also new are these Taiga pieces which are for the old and the young at heart. The clutch really reminds me of what my dad use to carry. In Asia, they are popular as accesories for men. I know that it is hard pressed to see an American carrying one of these. As for the other one, the website describes it as inspired by the traditional school bag. Check them out at or purchase from . Belaia $965 Anton $2170

First LVook: The Honore

The Nomade collection hasn't had a new piece in a while so it is with great pleasure that I feature this multi-functional portfolio, the Honoré. It feautures a press lock and pockets to hold those essentials that will get you through your business day. Visit or purchase from . Estimated at $1780.

More for the Gentlement: The Utah Collection for Fall

Visit or purchase from to save on tax. Reporter $1780 Acoma $2580 Mowa $3550

First LVook: Boyz, this is for us!!!

Spring Summer 2009 Men's Collection Taken from the Japanese website these Spring Summer 2009 pieces are the first to come out from the men's collection. I think the release is meant to coincide with the opening of the all men's line Omotesando Store on November 23. They appear to me as variations of the ever popular Keepall and truly functional Reporter. I am not sure if these would only be available in Japan or will they be released to the world market. We'll see. There's a buzz that New York City will also have an exclusive Men's Vuitton Store in the not so distant future. Visit

$50K Housewarming Present

Zac Efron, High Musical's dreamy heartthrob has reportedly purchased his 'long-time' girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens, an antique $50,000 Vuitton trunk as a housewarming present for her $2.5 million house. Phew, a lot of figures there! Vanessa, who has been photographed with several LV's will surely LVoe it. I wonder what are the specifics of this expensive piece and if it was owned previously by somebody famous. It would be the perfect entry for my Tuesday Trunk Tidbitz! Here's hoping that pics would show up soon.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Welcome back, Arjay!!!

He's back for good in VA!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sigh...this time last week I was in Versailles

The King's private apartments

Kris Bernal and her Mancrazy

I LVoe posting Filipino celebrities and their LVs! So, I was happily surprised when I received these photos of Kris Bernal and her Mancrazy at the GMA grounds. Thanks Fashion Goods for the pics and keep sending them in folks!

First LVook: The Marquise

Matching the ever popular Stephen Sprouse Leopard scarf, the Marquise is the latest addition to LVs acetate frames. Described as square retro-style shades in the website, it comes in gray and brown and features the Louis Vuitton graffiti signature on the left arm and engraved on the lens. $400. Visit or purchase from to save on tax.

Lutece, Lutece!

Fan Bing Bing, popular Chinese actress in full Vuitton regalia.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Well, somebody else was busy at LV while I was away!

Congratz Eiza on your fabulous Bowling Montaigne GM!!!

What Have I Missed?

I was only away for a few days and Vuitton has updated their site with their latest offerings for Cruise 2009. Visit or purchase from to save on tax. Damier Neverfull GM $750 MM $700 PM $650 Scuba GM $2580 MM $1940 Scuba Clutch $725 Traveller $2420 Rider $1940
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