Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Louis Vuitton Pochette Altair

I was browsing through Saks' Holiday Catalogue when I saw what was described as the Bronze Pochette Altair. Crafted out of embroidered jacquard, the Limelight-esque evening clutch is accented by an acetate jeweled lock. Priced at $2070 this will surely be a show stopper to any holiday party. LVoe it!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

A Weekend with Apol plus LVook-See

I had my good friend Apol from California visit us this weekend, so here's a few photos that documented the fun times. A friend's visit is always a delight but being photographed having breakfast at two in the morning is not. Of course, a visit to Louis Vuitton was at the top of list. I was dazzled by a fur and pearl ring though I refrained from buying it. LVoe, LVoe, LVoe it!!! Instead, I played with the Artsy Empriente! Goooooorrrgeous leather!!! At least one of us went home with a lil' somethin-somethin...By the way, a few doors down, we saw Chris Brown and his entourage. I was star-struck despite him being an a$@h&le! After-dinner drinks at Mimong's pad. Their wall of antique botanical prints was a sight to behold. I just had to take a pose. Sadly, the weekend went by so fast and parting is such sweet sorrow especially if there's a Monogramouflage involved! Thanks for your visit, Apol. It was fun!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

From Manila with much LVoe

I am back from Manila and would like to thank all of you for your notes of condolences. I know that I have missed a ton so this is catch-up week for me in the world of Vuitton. For now, allow me to leave you a couple of shots from Greenbelt 5 of Louis Vuitton's temporary boutique.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Eternal Rest...

...grant unto him O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in Your peace. This is in honour of my father, Dante, who passed away this morning. I know we are all connected only through this blog, but I ask for your prayers. Thank you. Love you, Papa.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

EEEEKKKKK!!!! Vuitton lifts classics prices up to 9 pct!!!

Source: PARIS, Sept 30 (Reuters) - Louis Vuitton (LVMH.PA) has raised prices for monogram handbags and other leather goods considered classics by up to 9 percent in the euro zone, a source familiar with the matter said on Thursday. The move reflects the rise in raw material prices such as leather and cotton, the source added. "The increase will be of between zero and 9 percent, depending on the bag," the source said. Louis Vuitton, which contributes half of LVMH's operating profit, also lifted prices, by 2 percent, in July. LVMH shares, which rose as much as 2.43 percent after the news, were up 2.25 percent by 1441 GMT. The price rise comes two weeks after Louis Vuitton decided to close Parisian shops an hour early to conserve stock ahead of the Christmas rush. Louis Vuitton shops make up a significant portion of the French brand's western European revenue. Analysts said the price increase was also probably intended to close the gap between Asian prices and European prices. "They (Louis Vuitton) admitted last week they had a pricing gap problem, with Japan and China too high vs Europe," said luxury goods analyst Luca Solca at Bernstein in London.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Empriente Tote

Let's talk about the Monogram Empriente Tote shall we? Slated to be released tentatively in November this year, not all boutiques will be allocated these beauties so inquire from your darling SAs if their store will be getting them. It will come in PM and GM sizes and in Navy, Bleu, Bordeaux and Creme. So far I don't know which sizes will get which colours. The GM above is Navy. My personal favourite is the Bleu (bottom pic, left). I'm really excited about this line since it's a new leather and the fact that it LVooks so functional with the shoulder and handheld straps. LVoe, LVoe, LVoe it!!!

Lea Michele

Glee's Lea Michele carrying a classic. Don't you just LVoe it when celebs carry a Speedy?

Louis Vuitton Portefeuilles en Cuir Exotique

Posting about exotic skins yesterday made desirous to feature other pieces Louis Vuitton has in their drawers. The Suhali wallets Le Somptueux (above) and Le Prodigieux (below) acquire more luxurious LVooks in crocodile skins. These are not main stream wallets since they cost an arm and a leg so you might want to call your local boutique before you rush out to get them. I'm pretty sure they are only allocated to the big stores but any boutique can order them for you. I once inquired about the Brazza in crocodile and lemme tell ya, that's one pricey wallet!

Louis Vuitton Leather Goods Shortage!!!!!

Did you know that there is a Leather Goods Shortage worldwide and you can now only buy ONE leather good per day?! Gone are the days when you can buy a matching wallet with your bag purchase. According to my sources, until the new factory in France opens, stores are instructed to only sell one item per day. The demand for LV is so high that the factories cannot keep up. This does not include RTW, sunglasses, jewellery etc... Of course, there is a loophole to this moratorium that you can purchase your second leather good the following day. I tried doing two purchases online at and there seem to be no problem though most of their items are out of stock. Anyone care to share their experiences lately?

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Louis Vuitton Petting Zoo

It was the perfect day today to go to the National Zoo. Though elephants and hippos abound there, I was more interested in petting a different breed...those that have been captured by Louis Vuitton for this season. For starters, I wanted to feed the GM Shopper in Alligator and Python. Costing a whopping $14,100 this baby is a by deposit only piece. Perfect for the shoulder, the alligator handles were suprisingly comfortable. I just LVoe the colour green that they chose for it, plus the faceted brass rivets adds a fantastic detail. The interior is roomy with three divisions, a classic LV shape! Encased in glass, it wanted to go with me whilst I was playing with it. Sadly, I was short by $2.00 so it had to go back in its terrarium. Notice that the bag has a smiley face as I kissed it good-bye. A few feet away, there was a python all balled up in the shape of the Artsy MM. Plain yet elegant, I wish I spoke parseltongue but could only utter L-V-o-e when I found out that it was a $12000 bag. Slither away from me little python! Catty-corner from the snake, I was beckoned, not by an animal but Psyché herself from the Monogram Volupte Collection. Beautiful in its functionality, this $3270 city bag had alligator embossed leather to mimic its exhorbitant cousins. Lastly, as I stepped out of the zoo and bade farewell to my new friends, I was accosted by Liza, a sequin embroidered pump with a price tag of $660. I declined the offer to follow the yellow brick road because I preferred ruby slippers for that job. It would have been a better match with my ol' Speedy Mirage, don't you think? LVoe, LVoe, LVoe it!!!
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