Saturday, January 31, 2009

Les Ateliers LOUIS VUITTON à Asniéres

Step into the world where it all begins. Thanks to Nicolai, for forwarding me Jean Michel Turpin's website with all his amazing pics of the LV Factory. I just LVoe seeing how they still make the trunks by hand. No wonder it takes an arm and a leg to own one! So let's start off with the cute French LV craftsman who looks more like a rugby player than an artisan. Enjoy!

Stomping on Ice

Well, the storm has passed and all that was left of the beautiful snow is ice and slush. The weather was nice today to be out and about with my L'ingenieux.

First LVook: Damier Bloomsbury

Good morning, everyone! Now I know what I am going to do this weekend. I have to see the newest bag from the Damier Collection, the Bloomsbury. Ever since Vuitton has incorporated pleats in their bags, I have always wanted to have one. Named after a residential area in London, I just LVoe how they finished the Louis Vuitton plate. Also I noticed that the bigger version has less curvature in the opening than its smaller counterpart. I am so excited to see this bag and at $1050 for the GM and $890 for the PM, it's not that bad. Visit or save on tax at

Friday, January 30, 2009

Sofia Coppola Collaboration

Clearer pics of the SC Bag and Clutch as seen in Marie Claire Feb '09 Issue. Scanned by Daisyinbloom. Coming soon in March.

Vuitton Men's Intuition & Spencer Sunglasses

Browsing through the LV website, I found these amazing lunettes from the men's collection. They are called the Intuition and it comes in rectangle (no pic) and ovale (shown above). Made out of acetate with metallic detailing, I have yet to see them in real life to try them on. Hopefully they would sit comfortably on my Filipino nose bridge. I hate it when sunnies mist on me when the weather is humid. Colors are either black or brown and moderately priced at $450. Also catching my fancy is the Spencer. Tooted as one of the key accesories from the Spring Summer 2009 Men's Fashion show, this graduated colored lens sunnies comes in blue and gray. Approximate price for the US is $500. Visit or save on tax at

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Last Post for the Night

Hmmm...V-day is fast becoming a favourite Hallmark Holiday of mine.

My Louis Vuitton Candle

I was cleaning up today and I decided to use for the first time the candle that LV gave me for Christmas. I wanted to share with you all the experience that made me ooohhheddd and ahhhhhed. I LVoe, LVoe my gift. Thanks Louis Vuitton! Music: Jennifer Goodenberger; Mystical

First LVook: Computer Sleeve

I have been waiting for this computer sleeve for ages. First, it was supposed to be released way back in November and then moved to December and last I heard not until March. So I really became excited when I saw it up on the website only to be disappointed. The lookbook showed that the protective foam inside would have the monogram and flowers embossed on it. Now they have changed it to the Louis Vuitton Inventeur Plate design! Sigh, I know that the pics shown in the lookbook is not always the final product that goes into market but the previous design would have been so cool. No wonder it took time for them to release it. Must've been hard to produce the microfibre with the flowers. The product comes in size 13" and 15" and will be approximately $550 to $600, respectively.

Let's Play Cards!!!

Show your winning hand with the LVoe games!!! Remember, winner takes all!!! Visit or at
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