Sunday, November 29, 2009

Post Thanksgiving LVook See & Chester See

After the Holiday Festivities, Arjay and I decided to meet up to scour the Black Friday leftover sales. Of course, stopping at LV resulted in us being shown the new Epi Electrique, a patent version of an old classic. We saw the Neo Pont-Neuf, Iena and Alma. I'm still on the fence about this latest addition to the core collection. It kinda feels too platicy for me. That wasn't the highlight of our excursion though because barely had we stepped out of the boutique when we saw Disney 365 Host, Chester See. I know that he is a tween idol but I didn't care, I needed a pic with him!!! Besides he's half-Filipino!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Still celebratin' Thanksgiving...

Doing the rounds of the Holiday...please forgive my lack of posts. I will leave you guys with a photo of Spring Summer 2008's Prince Nurses. LVoe this pic! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

"Where will your journey take you?"


Louis Vuitton French Coquette Stole

Tooted as a standout accesory of the Cruise Collection 2010, the French Coquette Stole is an amazing vision in 100% silk. Designed to fuse iconic Louis Vuitton motifs, the stole will prove not only to be a functional piece of textile but surely a chic accent to any wardrobe. Available at for $980

From Malaysia with LVoe

This by far is my most favourite photo that was sent to me. LVoe, LVoe, LVoe it!!! Thank you Kay. Spring Summer 2001's Alma and Alma Long Graffiti

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ruben Toledo decorates the LV 5th Avenue Store

Inspired by the city stamp artwork of Cuban artist Ruben Toledo that are on the covers of the Louis Vuitton City Guides, the Maison is decked to the nines for the Holidays. "We are thrilled to have renowned artist Ruben Toledo working with us again," says Daniel Lalonde, President and CEO of Louis Vuitton North America. "Toledo's sketches and illustrations have been an integral part of our city guides for years and we are delighted that his artwork is the center of our Fifth Avenue Maison display for this holiday season." I hope to see it for myself this year when I visit the city for the season. Check out the full article by Lesley Scott by clicking here.

Blogging about Holidays: The Louis Vuitton 5th Avenue Maison in New York

Starting tomorrow November 23rd, Louis Vuitton New York asks us: “Where will your journey take you?” Our answers will then be collected and posted on the flapboards of the Holiday window display of the 5th Avenue store. "Home for the Holidays" is the theme which features these boards that are reminiscent of those found in train stations around the world. Departure and arrival cities, seasonal activities, inspired quotes regarding the marvel of travel, and personal sentiments will be featured on each flapboard throughout the duration of the season. If you wish to see your submission displayed at the store in 140 characters visit Photos from

Louis Vuitton Christmas Box

I started decorating today for the Holidays because Jeff and I are hosting Thanksgiving this year for the very first time. I was so happy when I received this e-mail containing a pic of the amazing Louis Vuitton Christmas Chest. Crafted out of materials that are used in a regular trunk, it is made extra special because it contains an array of hand blown ornaments. No doubt they would become family keepsakes to those who would own such a treasure since there are only five of them that were made by the LV Asnieres workshop. I wonder if the workshops in the North Pole would be able to make me one for me. Hmmm...I guess that's not a good idea since LV might sue Santa. Oh well. Let the Holidays begin! Merry Christmas!!! LVoe it!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

LVook See

I haven't been to LV in a while so I was excited to go visit today. The moment Angel and I walked in, I immediately spotted the Monogram Bulles. Made out of textile, the color combination with oxidized vache leather was quite appealing. Next, I was handed the Monogram Stresa which I fell in LVoe with the GM size. It's a perfect everyday bag except for the cumbersome leather flap at the opening. The canvas that was used is not as thick as I wanted it to be but I guess that makes it more comfortable as you hug it close to your body. We were also shown the Multicolore Courtney which has all the studs that made the bag super pricey. The Clutch alone was already $2430 and it was quite heavy. Lastly, January 1st is the release of the new Monogram Vernis Colors: Rose Florentin, Vert Impression and Gris Art Deco. The pic was too small for me to appreciate how the subdued colors would LVook in real life. All in all, it was a perfect day at Vuitton with Angel walking away with a little something. I'll have to post a pic of it the next time I see her.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Congratulations Irina!!!

Irina Shabayeva, winner of this season's Project Runway. I was rooting for her because she carried what LVooked to me to be a Hampstead in Damier Ebene.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Shop and Share

After posting the Louis Vuitton Catalogue, I received an e-mail from one of the administrators of Shop and Share, a website dedicated to helping the victims brought about by the recent typhoons "Ondoy" and "Pepeng" that hit the Philippine Islands. Spearheaded by a handful of Philippine Celebrities auctioning off items from their closets, I would like to feature the Louis Vuitton items here. Owned by Pokwang, Philippine singer, tv host and comedian actress, these Magnolia sandals are a size 6. Owned by John Lloyd Cruz, matinee idol and heartthrob, the site lists it as a Bastille but actually it is a Damier Olav PM. Discontinued Epi bags owned by tv and film actress, Angel Locsin, the Blanc is the Turenne PM (thanks for the info, Anonymous) while the Jaune is the Saint-Jacques. Please visit the website at or simply click here.

Louis Vuitton Holiday 2009 Catalogue

I decided to repost the Louis Vuitton 2009 Holiday Catalogue but this time with clear photographs and corresponding price list that went with it (*** denotes information available from 866.vuitton). Entitled “Les contes de Louis Vuitton”, it is a story inspired by the great French fairytale writer Charles Perrault. Credits are: Photographer Vincent Gapaillard; Art direction William Snieg; Prop stylist Jean Hugues de Chatillon. Special thanks to Mr. Snieg at Of course visit to view the cool presentation of the catalogue. Happy Holidays, everyone!!! Totally Monogram Bag $970, Bag charm in resin and strass $450 Wilshire Boulevard Bag in Monogram Vernis $825, Sarah Wallet in Monogram Vernis $660 Stand By Me large ring yellow gold $1640, Lockit Bag in Suhali Leather $2640, Le Somptueux Wallet in Suhali $870 Mon Monogram Speedy Bags in Monogram Canvas $1030 Tie in silk $195, LV Initiales belt in Damier $420, Knitted scarf in cahsmere $515, Scarf in cashmere $515, Boston reversible belt in Damier embossed leather $545, Sunglasses in metal $530 Tambour Orientation automatic alligator strap $10600, Messenger Bag in Monogram Canvas $1140, Asphalt richlieu sneaker in calf leather *** Pilot case in Taiga $2800, Brazza Wallet in Damier canvas $490, Initials LV key holder in metal $250 Tambour alarm clock Damier canvas case $2570, Cargo fountain pen alligator yellow gold, $1820, Doc roller leather rhodium $825, Key holder 6 in Damier canvas $195, Compact wallet in Utah leather $715, Wallet for bills and credit cards Utah leather, $605, Pendant in metal and leather $405, Bracelet in metal and leather $450 Neverfull bags in Monogram $750, $700, $650, Neverfull bags in Damier $750 and $650, Neverfull Bag in Crocodile $31100, Key Holder in metal and lacquer $360, Bandeau silk twill $150, Sunglasses in acetate $610 Tambour Lovely Cup, yellow gold and steel, rubber strap $6850 Monogram Etoile City Bag in Monogram Canvas $2330, Monogram Etoile Compact Wallet in Monogram Canvasd $550, "Oh Really!" pump in patent calf leather *** Pendant in metal, strass, lacquer and resin, $420, Bracelet in metal, strass lacquer and resin, $550, Inclusion bracelets in resin, strass and metal, $420 and $310, Bracelets in wood and lacquer $265, Bracelets in resin and metal, $295 and $310 Courtney Bag in Monogram Multicolore $2430, Key Holder 4 $235, LV Trunks and Bags Belt $465 Square 90 in silk twill $350, Stole in cashmere and silk, $855, Square 70 in silk twill $310, Sistina bag in Damier canvas $1720, Sistina wallet in Damier Canvas $710 Tambour automatic chronograph, steel bracelt $5950, Davis Bag in Monogram Macasar Cans $1410, Boston Reversible belt in Damier embossed leather $545 Tribeca Derby in glazed calf leather *** Tambour in Black automatic GMT, rubber strap $4100, Signature cufflinks in sterling silver and onyx, $640 Louis Vuitton Book, Art, Fashion and Architecture $130, Europe City Guide $130, London City Guide $34, Los Angeles City Gude $34, Paris City Guide $34, Rome City Gude $34, Miami City Gude $34, Mumbai City Guide $35, New York City Gude, $34, Tokyo City Gude $34 Stresa Bag in Monogram Canvas $1360 Craquantes large pendant with chain, white gold set with pink sapphire and diamonds $5550, Asymmetrical Luxuriantes earrings, white gold set with pink sapphires and diamonds, $39000, Luxuriantes Grappe ring, white gold set with pink sapphires and diamonds $39000 Bellevue Bag in Mongram Vernis leather $1090, Sunset Boulevard Clutch in Monogram Vernis Leather, $845, Zippy Coin Purse in Monogram Vernis Leather $395 Minaudiere Tresor in embroidered python $4670 Lunar Bag in Mahina Leather $2640, Key Holder in Metal $420 "Glamorise Me!" open tow pump in satin moire *** Tambour Holgram Monogram Folcon, diamond, Monogram Vernis leather strap ***, Flocon coin purse in Monogram Vernis leather *** Bagatelle Bag in Epi leather $1940, Astrid wallet in Epi leather $855 L'Absolu bag in Crocodile leather $38900 LV Initiales belt in Damier canvas $420, Tie in silk, $195, Stole in cashmere and silk, $715, Scarf in mink, $2490, Broadway richelieu in patent Epi Leather *** Daniel Bag in Damier Canvas, $1030, Keepall bag with shoulder strap in Damier canvase, $1200, Modulable compact wallet in Damier Canvas, $550, Modulable Long Wallet in Damier canvas, $595, Boston Reversible belt in Damier embossed leather, $545 Alma bag in Epi leather ***, Eight-watch case in Monogram canvas, $4070, Beauty case in Monogram canvas, $3360, Jewelry box in Monogram canvas (made to order), $4070, Jewelry box in Suhali leather, $8150 (made to order), Jewelry Vanity box in Suhali leather (made to order) $35900, Alzer suitcase in Epi leather $11900, $11200 and $10800 (made to order). Bag charm in metal and strass $340 Milla pouch in mink ***, Ear muff in leopard printed mink with silk ribbon "Lucky You!" sandal in patent calf leather***, Ring in metal and strass $360 Accesories pouch in Monogram canvas, $325, Key holder in metal resin and lacquer, $375, Key case in Monogram Canvas $165, Insolite purse in Monogram canvas, $295, Sunglasses in acetate, $480, Charm pen, cotton resin $360, Scarf in wool, $655, Gloves in wool, $420, LV Inventeur belt in Monogram Canvas, $465, Bracelet in metal and resin, $255, Pendant in metal and resin, $420 Madison richlieu in Taiga calf leather This last photo never made it to the print catalogue but it features a Tambour (Forever?) watch with a "Stand By Me" Ring.
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