Friday, August 28, 2009

New York LVoe

Fashion's Night Out is an event to encourage as many people in NYC to come out and shop and help the retail industry! Special thanks to a New Yorker for the tip. So go out and spread the LVoe!!! (DD)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Favourite of the Louis Vuitton Catalogues to date: The Pre-Fall 2009 Collection

They have removed this from so I decided to post it here. I'm just going to point out what interests me. If you guys have any questions about what is featured in the photo, just post a comment and I will try to answer them. You can hover over the pic to identify the photo number. Enjoy! LVoe it!!! Photographies: Daniel Jackson Conception et realisation: Ogilvy Craquantes ring Frivole Brooch in metal, glass pearl and papier-mache. I asked about this at 5th Avenue and they only received two which were sold already. Sigh...price...over $1K Sac Absolu in Crocodile, Cherie Ankle Boot Le Favori in Crocodile Lorelei open toe pump in satin Sugar ankle strap sandal in satin, Sac Irene in Monogram Canvas The fabulous Absolu in Suhali leather. Amanda open toe pump in satin and embroideries, Montaigne Bowling, again, the Frivole Brooch Cherie ankle boot in suede baby goat leather and velvet Polka scarf in mink, Irene Bag in suede and patent leather I aboslutely LVoe this photo! Sac Alma en autruche...DROOL... Minaudiere Tresor in embroidered python I supposed to pose?! Me in another LVife! (Minaudiere Tresor in crocodile) Amanda open toe pump in saitin and embroideries Sac Irene Monogram Ponco, Polka Scarf in Mink, Flore sunglasses Cherie sandal in velvet and suede baby goat leather Luxuriantes Grappe Ring

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Paolo Stella indossando la sciarpa

Gosh, I am so exhaused tonite! I hope you all forgive me if I just post this adorable, cutie patootee, Italian actor Paolo Stella sporting the Damier Stole.

Monday, August 24, 2009

From NYC with LVoe

Brett from New York City says he's a fan of my blog and would like to share with all of us his Pochette Cles in Damier Azur. Mine is in Vernis Perle and I just LVoe it to bits. It's perfect for grocery runs to a nite out in town. Thanks for sending this in, B. LVoe it!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Today at brunch with my Panama Bowly

Louis Vuitton House Charm

This has got to be the cutest charm that Louis Vuitton has in their fine jewelry collection. Shaped like a gingerbread house, the House Charm has an itty-bitty diamond and pink sapphire to adorn its walls. Visit $4350 LVoe it!!!

From Kuwait with LVoe

Roxanne and her sis from Kuwait sent me these photos showing their LVoe for Louis Vuitton. Their whole family are LV LVoers. I LVoe the Speedy Papa, Mama and Baby pic! I have heard getting your initials stamped at the leather tabs but have never seen it in real life (or photos of it for that matter) so thanks for sending these in, R. LVoe it!!! Speedy Family owned by the mom and her daughters Roxanne with her Neverfull and her friend Aleli with her Trevi Her dad's tsinelas

Louis Vuitton /underground/ VIP Gift

OMG!!!! Nix from Melbourne, Australia just sent me a photo of his fabulous VIP gift from Louis Vuitton Japan's /underground/. (previous post). The crates that characterized the temporary concept shop at the Seibu Department Store was the inspiration of this fabulous keepsake. Thanks for sharing this, N. I want!!! LVoe it!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Louis Vuitton Mobile Game

Louis Vuitton Japan has created an original game for mobile web SNS and game portal site Mobage Town by DeNA. The free game, called Precious Cargo, will have a limited run from June 25th to July 7th. The simple puzzle game features a backdrop of the brand’s iconic monogram. Players try to line up the boxes with matching designs to clear the boxes, score points, and reveal images of Louis Vuitton products. The debut of the game is timed to follow up the opening of the Louis Vuitton “/underground/” concept shop that opened last month in Ikebukuro’s Seibu department store. For actual article, click here. Gosh, have I but known of this...I guess it's too late now but if there are any LVoe Readers who can send it my way, that would be great!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Louis Vuitton Blurry Stole

I am currently so engrossed with the scarves and stoles that Vuitton is releasing this season. I actually remember seeing the Blurry Stole from my last visit in New York City. Crafted out of special yarns that lends a glistening effect to the textile, the flowers have been "blurred" out to enhance the visual experience. $1140 at

Louis Vuitton Carrés: Flocon Square

Catching the Scandinavian wind from fresh mess, the Flocon silk twill square exudes timeless elegance. With motifs that are sprinkled with the LV logo and miniature Eiffel towers, this current wintry collection is much to my liking. Check out the Maille cap from my previous post here. $310

El Viernes Gastronómica

Tres Amigos con Miroir y Scuba La Scuba de Angel La Camisa de Chino El Miroir Lockit de Louis Vuitton LoVer Mis amigos Enrique, Angel y Aris en Ray's the Steaks

From Lloyd with LVoe

Shades of grey is Lloyd's color for this upcoming Fall Winter season with his recent purchases of a fabulous Logomania scarf and a Denim Bandeau. It LVooks like you are all set for the upcoming months in California, L. Thank you for sharing. LVoe it!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Song Seung Hun for Louis Vuitton

Korean Actor Song Seung Hun in an editorial photo shoot of the Men's Fall-Winter 2009-2010.
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