Friday, August 31, 2007

Hold music for 1-866-vuitton

For us who call 1-866 quite often, have you ever wondered what that hold song is in the background? Well, it's by David Grumel and features the voice of Billie Holiday. The title is Magnolias and can be found in his album Beaurivage. Purchase it in LVoe it!!!

Just 15 days to go!!!

I found out today that the Speedy Mirage has a tentative release date of September 14 give or take!!! The pressure, the pressure! LVoe it!!!

Macaroons anyone?

I know I'm a little late in featuring this Spring 2007 number and even though a lot of people would find this bag akin to a home economics project that has gone awry, I still think that the creative process that came up with this bag is pretty astounding. The inspiration: macaroons. Marc Jacobs and his team had to collaborate on the proper placement of each and every button, each and every color. It wasn't just randomly sewed onto the bag as I ignorantly thought. LVoe it!!! These and much more can be gleaned from the fabulous documentary I previously featured. To purchase DVD, refer to my previous post. Vuitton Line: Polka Dot Fleurs

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Endless Celebrations...

LVbabydoll from the Purse Forum posted this pic of a wonderful Multicolore Fringed Speedy cake just in time for the celebrations. This week has been full of blessings left and right! One of my friends just bought a loft in downtown Sacramento, the other moved into a loft to start a new life with his partner and lastly another friend just became a new citizen of this great country. Congratz guyz!!! LVoe it!!!

Dans La Maison et L'atelier

A wonderful glimpse inside Louis Vuitton's house and workshop in France. Sigh...I wish could have my Le Balikbayanne Box special ordered. LVoe it!!! Vid from primeprojects

Dinner at Lauriol Plaza

It is a well known fact amongst my friends that Lauriol Plaza is my absolute favorite restaurant. (Much to the chagrin of my partner) The cuisine is a delightful mix of Mexican and Spanish dishes that is all too familiar to the Filipino palate . What better way to welcome back my good friend, Wilfredo from his 10 day sojourn in Manila than to bask in the ambience and excellent food at LP. Here's my mini pochette accesoires as we settle down for our meal.

Le Confident

As I was surfing I was delighted to discover that my Le Mignon is a companion piece to a bigger and of course, pricier Le Confident. The Suhali line has truly captivated my fancy! I wish they didn't cost an arm and a leg but I LVoe the riveting detail, coupled with the S-lock. Visit to acquire this piece. ($2250) Photo credit: eluxury

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

"It's always a struggle to create something..."

After seeing the Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton DVD, I began to respect the man behind the monograms that I so adore. It seems to me that all his creative vision came in full force through the television screen. I envied his artistry, drooled over his creations and floored by his simplicity. These attestations may sound overly dramatic, but after viewing that documentary, I realized Marc Jacobs. Photo credit: Jean-Paul Goulde; For article click Harper's Bazaar.

Auspicious Day

Well, this day has proven to be very auspicious for me! I am truly delighted and thank God for all the many blessings that have been showered on me today. Among them, Jeff e-mailing from Uganda, my new Le Mignon, the re-opening of my blog, MJ DVD from France, the new mink (ooopsss) and lastly something that I have been waiting for 8 years now. So, when I found this website (as recommended by a tPFer Barbiedoll) that made a Cerises Speedy cake here in the US, I was in the mood for celebrating. Downside is that they don't ship their cakes. Oh well, here's their website anyways: for all you around the Denville, N.J. area.

The Resurrection of My Blog

To celebrate the re-opening of my blog, I made an impulse purchase and I want you to take a glimpse of it. LVoe it!!! Monogram Scarf in 100% mink, August 29, 2007.

My Very First Suhali---Le Mignon

My Lil' Le Mignon arrived today and I got to tell you that it is SSSOOOOO cute. It has so many things going for such a small guy. For one it has the signature S-lock that looks miniaturized. Plus, a few rivetings on the ears and face. Lastly, a beautiful, white, luxurious lining. Gosh, I'm so happy. I guess this is no surprise for all you Suhali owners but Vuitton did not disappoint me with this piece. LVoe it!!!!!!!!!! Suhali Le Mignon, ordered August 22, 2007; received Aug. 29 from Boca Raton, Fla.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Marc Jacbos and Louis Vuitton DVD

I was fortunate enough to grab myself this new documentary about Monsieur Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton. This DVD is exclusive to colette and is only available from their e-shop from August 22 (official release date) to September 5, 2007. My copy will be arriving this Wednesday and I hope to take a sneak peak at Vuitton's fashion backstage as well as meet its intriguing artistic director. For how to order please click here. Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton DVD, August 29, 2007, France.

So far so good...

Just a little clip of the House's Fashion show. I LVoe you, Scarlett!!! MODTV: Louis Vuitton Fall 2007 by fashvids

Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Nanny Diaries

I have just seen "The Nanny Diaries" and I really LVoe it! Not only was the story cute but it featured a lot of LVs like this Cabas Piano. I highly recommend it! List of bags featured in the movie: Epi Leather Bowling Montaigne GM; Lambskin Rivets; Monogram Canvas Cabas Piano; Suhali Le Fabuleux; Monogram Canvas Neverfull MM; Keepall 55; Diana Pump Shoes; Pegase 60

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tuesday Trunk Tidbitz

I chose this gorgeous steamer trunk for TTT because it has two things that are going for me. First I LVoe the idea that it was sold in Washington, D.C. Even though I live in Virginia now, I still consider myself a Washingtonian because it was the first American city that I called home. Secondly, the Star of Davids reflect my partner's Jewish Heritage. It is truly a remarkable piece that has survived two wars in its lifetime. For the auction, please refer to ebay.

Who Could It Be?

Lifted from the Washington Post Exclusive Status: It's in The Bag $52,500 Purses. 24 Worldwide. 1 in Washington. For the actual article click here. By Ylan Q. Mui Washington Post Staff Writer Tuesday, August 21, 2007; Page D01 Forget your Coach purse. Put away your Kate Spade. Even Hermes's famous Birkin bag seems positively discount. The Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork is this summer's ultimate status bag, ringing in at $52,500. And it is arriving in Washington by the end of the season, ordered by a woman whose circumstances and identity the company has ever so politely (again and again) declined to disclose. "We find the customer there is a very sophisticated client," said Brigid Andrews, Northeast regional vice president for Louis Vuitton. "When there's something that is this special, I'm really not surprised that we had a client who wanted it for her own collection." The company made the bag that special not only by price tag and design -- 14 LV bags were cut up and sewn together to make it -- but also by offering only five for sale in North America and 24 worldwide. R&B superstar Beyonce Knowles got one. The other four? Their names have not been revealed. The bag, says Milton Pedraza, chief executive of market-research firm the Luxury Institute, is a lesson in creating cachet. What, after all, is a luxury retailer to do when even suburban high school students are wearing sunglasses with Chanel's interlocking Cs and toting purses plastered with the LV logo, both real and fake? The ultrawealthy -- those with net worth of at least $10 million -- are demanding products and services that set them apart from those who are merely wealthy, he said. Retailers are obliging by creating increasingly expensive merchandise and limiting production. And the actual product often seems less important than how many people have it. "If my Louis Vuitton, which I'm paying a few thousand for, everyone has one, what do I get?" Pedraza said. "How do I get that exclusivity that I long for?" To achieve that, darling, you had to pre-order the Tribute Patchwork bag months ago. Louis Vuitton boutiques in New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Chevy Chase got the call. Delivery began discreetly in July, with the bags arriving in a clear, Plexiglas trunk covered with the LV logo. It was publicly photographed on Knowles's arm last month. Purse bloggers (yes, they do exist) also reported spotting the singer toting the bag while wearing a satin shirt, shorts and sky-high stilettos as she left a taping of MTV's "TRL." The Tribute Patchwork is Louis Vuitton's most expensive and exclusive bag to date. Though Washington has long bemoaned its second-class status when it comes to fashion, Louis Vuitton's president for North America, Daniel Lalonde, said the market has shown an exceptional "appetite for show bags." The Tribute Patchwork is handmade at a workshop in France and is made up of pieces of 14 Louis Vuitton handbags, including the monogram denim from spring 2005, the Lady Steamer with Alligator from fall 2006, the Cuir Tresse from spring 2007 and the Talentueux Suhali from spring 2003. Andrews said Louis Vuitton's creative director, Marc Jacobs, designed the Tribute Patchwork "as a celebration of the history of Louis Vuitton." Some fashion followers, however, feel that history should not be sliced, diced and rearranged into one purse. "Limited-edition handbags give us purse fanatics something to drool over, to lust after, to want," said Meaghan Mahoney of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., who writes the Purse Blog. "But there comes a time when no matter how limited something is, no matter how much fuss goes behind it . . . the product just plain old sucks." Still, Mahoney said she would relish the opportunity to see the Tribute Patchwork with her own eyes. "At least that way, those who are lucky enough to see the handbag in person will gain instant bragging rights," she said. "After all, the bag is not much more than bragging material by itself." The Tribute Patchwork bag is not the most expensive ever created. In 2005, auction house Doyle New York sold a black crocodile Hermes Birkin customized with a clasp and lock featuring 14 carats of pave diamonds set in white gold for $64,800. Not to be outdone, Chanel will launch a bag in December made of white alligator skin and diamonds. The iconic double-C clasp will be studded with 334 of the jewels, or about 3.56 carats. The chain strap will be made of white gold trimmed with more alligator skin. Only 13 will be available worldwide. Price: $260,150.

Home Sweet Home

After my week of bumming around and visiting every LV boutique within a 50 mile radius from Miami, I am back in my beLVoed Virginia. My worst fear happened last night though. At 30,000 feet (don't quote me on this fact) the sun was glaring through the windows of the plane. All of a sudden, as we descended, clouds replaced the beaming sun and darkness enveloped us. IT WAS RAINING!!! My first thought was if I had a Hefty garbage bag with me. I scrambled through my cargo shorts but realized they were in the outer pocket of the Eole. PHEW. Luckily, I stole one from Arjay's cupboard and my fears were somewhat soothe. I knew DCA had its pick up area covered, but one miniscule drop can ruin my otherwise perfect vachetta. Here's a pic of the Eole safely wrapped. Muchas gracias Arjay!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Fermoir GM Denim Alligator

My friends and I were having brunch at the historical Hotel St. Michel in the heart of Coral Gables. As we were enjoying our sumptuous meal, this lady walked in with a wonderful denim alligator LV. I was floored because I have never seen this model and was very excited. After we picked up our jaws from the floor, we then wondered if it was indeed a genuine LV. Apol made the keen observation that the monograms appeared to be a screen print and Arjay pulled out his cles to compare. I decided to withhold my opinion since I needed to research on it further. I did not know if Vuitton made a different kind of denim before. The archives of the Purse Forum revealed though that we were in a presence of a fake. The denim was all off on hers that there was no room for doubt. Good call Apol! P.S. Line released in 2005.

Pics from Yesterday

Waiting for food to arrive at Icebox Cafe A glimpse of Arjay's Damier Azur Speedy Resting at Bal Harbour Shops

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Le Mignon --Update: Coming soon!

I want to feature this LVoely little, leather purse. I have been wanting something from the Suhali line for the longest time and this seems to be a perfect fit for my collection. Problem is, it's so new that there are only four in the country and I want to see it in real life first before I make the purchase. I will update you if I do. Photo credit from:

Village of Merrick Park

Some snapshots of the day: The Onatah The Pretentious Walker

My Friends and their LVoe Series

Here's Arjay fumbling through his new pochette accesoires with the invite to the Fall/Winter Trunk Show at his local Saks.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Lunettes de Soleil

I couldn't help myself. Those little monograms around the frame were calling me. Conspiration GM, Saks Fifth Avenue Dadeland, Miami, FL August 15, 2007

Personalized LV watch

Catabie of the Purse Forum posted this pic of a personalized watch for the whopping figure of $205,000.00. Apparently it was made for a gentleman from Hong Kong whose monogram is outlined in gems. I'm a big fan of horology and very much interested in the workings of timepieces so this really took my breath away when I saw it. It not only showcases the mechanism but the combination of the Tambour design with the initals was a big WOW factor. I LVoe it!!!

The Greens and Golds of Florida

Just enjoying the lush flora and fauna of Miami from Arjay's veranda.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Candid Damier Moment

Vicious Arjay with his new Damier Pochette Accesoires! LVoe it!!!

In preparation for those long, DARK winter nights...

Monogram Silver/Black Scarf, August 14, 2007, Bal Harbour Florida

Shopping Spree at Bal Harbour

Well, I was a bad boi today! I convinced my friend Arjay to take a personal day to accompany me to Miami's premier shops at Bal Harbour. He was actually feeling sick but I dragged him anyways. I've been to the LV's in Saks and Neiman's but I found myself wanting more. Those were kiosk stores so I wanted the experience of a flagship. It was quite rainy and overcast but that didn't stop us! We strapped in Lizzy (my garmin) and away we went. She was a great help in getting us there through a scenic route of Miami beach. We drove with the water to our left and colorful art deco residences lining the street. It was very LVoely!!! Once there, we made a bee-line to the welcoming arms of the Louis Vuitton Boutique! Here are a few pics of our fabulous LVoe day donning our Damier Speedy with Denim Cles and Aubergine Onatah!! More pics to come of our purchases.

Spaceman Charms

I was downstairs in my friend's den enjoying my lazy Miami vacation when I spotted these charms in a mag for a whopping $12,000. Cute but not that cute! LVoe it though still! PS. Badminton anyone?! Pic from: Nikki Style Magazine

Monday, August 13, 2007

New Leather Line

I found this auction on ebay and I think this dogfish leather line is quite interesting. The seller claims that the key holder was presented as a VIP gift for the Summer 2008 Show. Very LVoely and I can't wait to see it in real life!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

I LVoe Paris

LVoe it!!! LVoe it!!! LVoe it!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Wilfredo and Manila

My friend Wilfredo is going home to our beloved Philippines. He has been waiting for this opportunity for 10 years and the dream will finally become a reality in just a few days. It inspired me to search for a foto of the Louis Vuitton in Makati, the financial district of Manila. The beautiful facade reflecting the lush greenery and bright sunshine made me miss my country all the more. Check this website out:, a blog devoted to desgin and architecture. I LVoe you Manila!!! Photo credit: JaffyG

Friday, August 10, 2007

Fall is just around the corner

I went to the mall today and saw that most stores already have their Fall Collections out. When I got home, I decided to stop by elux to have a look-see and here are the few items I have singled out for those cold autumn/winter months. Black Vision Ear muffs for $900 and Black Mink Scarf $2250. Photo credit from:

Considering the Race

Every year on the Tuesday before Halloween, Washington DC's gay corridor, 17th Street, comes to life with the colorful parade of contestants for the High Heel Race. You could vie for a place to catch a glimpse of the likes of J. Lo or of the late royal highness Princess Diana escorted by her security agents. This event is sponsored by JR's and kicks off the Holiday festivities. Restaurants that line the few blocks are filled to the brim and if you are lucky they may even take reservations. The primo seats though, are the balconies of the apartments that flank the street, though you don't get the full experience of the crowd. My friends and I have been toying with the idea for years of joining the race as Philippine maidens dressed in traditional baro't saya or as Geishas complete with authentic kimonos and paper parasols. Sadly, nothing has come to fruition. Seeing these fabulous Louis Vuitton pumps made me think that perhaps this year would be the year that a Filipino will win the highly coveted trophy. Metroweekly has great pics from last year. Click here. Raquel Ankle Boot for $885 at Photo credit:

Thursday, August 9, 2007

MOCA show asks: Is it business or art?

Article from the LA Times. Exhibit's shop for pricey handbags will mark the intersection of culture and commerce.By DIANE HAITHMAN August 9, 2007 In a move that seems sure to offend art world purists, the downtown Museum of Contemporary Art will merge the worlds of art and commerce this fall by including a fully operational Louis Vuitton boutique as part of a retrospective of the work of Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. Highlighting Murakami's longtime professional association with the luxury goods label, the boutique will offer limited-edition handbags and small leather goods featuring Murakami designs. The estimated prices of the bags, ranging from $875 to $920, represent about a $300 markup over the $575 to $665 that consumers would pay for the same line without the Murakami designs at the Vuitton store on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Unlike the traditional gift shop or museum store outside the exhibition area, or a shop set up for a traveling exhibition such as the 2005 King Tut show at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Vuitton shop will be situated approximately in the middle of MOCA's Geffen Contemporary space. It will be among about 20 rooms featuring paintings, sculpture and animation. "People have touched base with the play between the commercial arena and high art, but this is a little more confrontational," MOCA Chief Curator Paul Schimmel, who organized the show, said Wednesday. Although MOCA will receive no profit from the boutique's sales and no rental fee for the space, the unorthodox plan raises questions about whether a nonprofit museum tarnishes its reputation by peddling high-end handbags in its hallowed halls. Gail Andrews, director of the Birmingham Museum of Art in Alabama and president of the Assn. of Art Museum Directors, said she had conversations with MOCA leaders about their concept of including such a boutique during the planning stages of the Murakami exhibition, which will open Oct. 29 and run through Feb. 11. "They are doing something that contemporary museums do, pushing the boundaries," Andrews said. "They are going to have to work very hard to get the curatorial concept across to the visitor so they do not perceive a conflict of interest. That's going to really be at the heart of this." Selma Holo, director of USC's Fisher Gallery, said that MOCA's decision is the next step in an apparent trend. "What's happening in museums is that the lines between commerce and pure art are increasingly blurred," she said. "So with respect to the Murakami show and the Vuitton shop, one has to wonder whether it is meant as a celebration of the trend, a critique of the trend or a satire?" Referring to the pioneering 20th century artist who labeled a urinal a work of art, Holo said, "Ever since Duchamp, we have trusted the artist to determine what art is. Is a latrine in a gallery any less valid than a store? "At the very least," she added, "it's going to be fun." MOCA Director Jeremy Strick said the idea of a boutique is in keeping with the 45-year-old Murakami's commitment to breaking down the boundaries between low and high art. The acclaimed multimedia artist, who has been credited as the progenitor of the art movement called Superflat -- influenced by pop culture, anime and graphic design -- has his own company, Kaikai Kiki, which mass-produces Murakami-designed products at reasonable prices and serves as a management organization for other artists. "Murakami is an artist who is perhaps the most significant and influential artist to have emerged from Asia in the last half-century," Strick said. "And one of the key elements of his work is the way in which he melds commercial practice and fine art and really makes no distinction between the two. "When Paul Schimmel invited Louis Vuitton to participate in this way, he really felt that the act of buying, the way one approaches the objects when they are consumable within the museum environment, spoke to the unusual nature of his work." "We really didn't need a faux boutique," Schimmel said. "I felt that the experience could only be achieved by having an operational one, rather than a fixed, embalmed replication. The fact that there is a new product that is only available here is very dynamic and represents that kind of relationship between the viewer and the consumer." Couldn't the concept of commerce vs. art be illustrated with less pricey goods? Schimmel said that he had also approached the artist about doing a Kaikai Kiki boutique but that the company wasn't interested in participating: "They said it was too much trouble." As is customary with artists who also create mass-market objects, another room in the Geffen will contain 350 items produced by the Kaikai Kiki company, although those will not be for sale. Other Kaikai Kiki products will be available for purchase in the gift shop. However, Schimmel contended that the relationship with Vuitton has been integral to Murakami's career. "For Takashi, it has something to do with his expanding self-vision," Schimmel said. "Every time he collaborates with a kind of strong brand identity, it seems to morph his own identity into something else." Schimmel said MOCA is leaving pricing of the products and the operation of the boutique to Vuitton -- including making sure there are enough handbags and leather goods to last through the run of the show. "The only request we made is that they operate and have it functional throughout the exhibition, that we do not have this sort of 'dead booth,' " he said. --

Japan takes luxury to the next level

Article from the Miami Herald By TIM JOHNSON McClatchy News Service, August 4, 2007 The demand for 'hyper luxury' in Japan, a nation that consumes an astounding 40 percent to 45 percent of the world's production of luxury goods, is exploding. TOKYO--Japan's love affair with luxury goods thrives, to the point that some wealthy consumers now view $1,500 handbags as run-of-the-mill middle-class commodities. After all, even young women on Tokyo's subways tote Louis Vuitton handbags. The conformist society and rising wealth that shaped a luxury binge here decades ago have evolved. Newly wealthy Japanese display a streak of individuality, and major luxury retailers are scrambling to satisfy their yen for ''super luxury'' and to turn their stores into more exotic destinations. Flagship Gucci and Chanel stores in the Ginza fashion district have added restaurants and bistros with marquee chefs. Italian leather goods maker Furla maintains a yoga studio, and other marketers have installed cocktail lounges. Top brands now offer ''hyper luxury'' products, sold in hidden VIP rooms or displayed in exclusive members-only clubs. ALL THE FRILLS Luxury boutiques saturate Japan, a nation that consumes an astounding 40 percent to 45 percent of the world's production of goods that fall in the luxury category, from scarves and jewel-studded watches to perfumes and fine Italian and French wallets. ''The breadth and diversity of luxury brands here is incomparable to anywhere else,'' said W. David Marx, a Japanese consumer-market analyst at Diamond Agency, an advertising company. So as the luster wears from what was once luxurious, and the myth of widespread economic equality in Japan begins to shatter, retailers increasingly cater to a new class of super-rich who want to show off rather than conform. Mio Shimamura, a marketing director for Harry Winston, the high-end jeweler to Hollywood stars, greeted a visitor in a hidden VIP room designed for wealthy male customers in Tokyo's tony midtown. Doors swished shut electronically. A magnum of champagne stood ready. Dominican cigars beckoned from the humidor. ''The Japanese customer wants to buy something really, really luxurious,'' she began. ``They want to be treated like a celebrity. That's the next level of luxury in Japan.'' An attendant wearing a white glove displayed a jewel-encrusted watch at a relative bargain price of $50,000. Some items in the store sell for more than $1 million. High-end retailers such as Harry Winston pamper customers even after the sale. 'Many of the watch companies will take a small bunch of VIP customers to Europe. The trips include sessions on the craft of watchmaking so that customers gain the feeling that, `I'm more of a connoisseur,' '' said Radha Chadha, a coauthor of The Cult of the Luxury Brand, a book about Asian purchasing habits. In Tokyo districts such as Omotesando, shoppers come upon store after store of the world's most widely known luxury products. At the flagship Gucci emporium in Ginza, a greeter bows to all shoppers who stroll in, handing each a glossy directory in the trademark brown and gold of the Italian design house. On the fourth floor, the directory notes, the new Gucci Cafe can add ``a more luxurious element to your overall shopping experience.'' Indeed, a $7.50 cappuccino in the cafe comes with a meticulous sprinkling of cocoa powder on the foam in the shape of the distinctive Gucci logo. BIGGER AND BETTER Until early this decade, most designer brands displayed their wares in special boutiques within department stores. Then they began to break out into bigger and bigger flagship stores, some designed by world-renowned architects and costing more than $100 million. The Louis Vuitton flagship in Omotesando is built to resemble a shimmering version of one of the company's trademark traveling trunks. A rumpled reporter couldn't cadge an invitation to the store's special top floor. Little wonder: It's a members-only club, Celux. You must be recommended by a current member and pay an annual fee to join. ''You're greeted when you enter,'' said Nicole Fall, a trend consultant at Bespoke Tokyo who's visited the club. ``They have an ever-revolving display of new goods. . . . They will curate a selection of clothes and accessories for their VIP clientele.'' While VIP salons are common in some world capitals, Japan is a bit different. ''The size and scale of the VIP rooms is much bigger in Japan,'' Chadha said. ``They are designed in a way that no one knows they are there.'' Over-the-top luxury is often on display. Walk into the high-end Restir boutique, which has the look of a dark nightclub, and you see a single display case showing a black body sheath containing scores of shimmering crystals. Price tag: about $30,000. Even as luxury retailers cater to the super rich, many also extend downstream, keeping office women clutching designer bags. ''This is a new line, and it's called Never Full,'' Yukiko Sasaki, a 29-year-old public relations specialist, said of her big Louis Vuitton shoulder bag as she strolled through Ginza. ``I just bought it.'' A few luxury retailers -- particularly Louis Vuitton, with 48 stores spread across Japan -- have managed a transition to sustained growth, catering to the super-rich with new VIP rooms and specialized lines of products while appealing to the masses. Flipping through fashion magazines, with photos of young women in casual clothes and high-end purses, analyst Marx said: ``These Louis Vuitton products are mass products like Gap or Banana Republic products would be in the United States.''

Monogram Canvas Boulogne

I was scanning through the pages of eluxury today (FREE SHIPPING!!!) and found this really cool bag. I was thinking of getting my mom a nice LV for Christmas and this seems to fit the bill. Beautifully scaled to accomodate all of one's essentials, the Boulogne clearly deserves some attention after the House's favorites of Batignolles, Tulum and the newly released Neverfull. Photo credit:
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