Saturday, February 28, 2009

LVook-See Review of the Kalahari GM

I went to the boutique today, with my usual accomplice, Jerome, and we were presented with 2009 Spring Summer's showpiece, the Kalahari GM. As soon as our SA pulled it out of the dustbag, both of our jaws dropped! The look is stunning but after our initial reactions subsided, Jerome found it uncomfortable to sling over the shoulder. For me, it was quite cumbersome to get in and out of especially with the beads in the front. The metallic leather is soft and luxurious and covers the entire inner flap which was nice but brown microfibre was used for the lining which darkened the interior and could prove to be a challenge when looking for stuff. The bag is definitely a head turner but it lacks functionality if you want an everyday bag. Hope this helps for anyone considering a $3K bag purchase.

An Hour with Jerome

I guess I wasn't the only one who went shopping at LV... Jerome's Spring Summer 2009 Men's Cabas Naxos. My good ol' Fall Winter 2006 Aubergine Onatah, Sprouse Scarf and a bad photo-op with my eyes closed or maybe I just couldn't believe Jerome's latest haul... J's surprise Mahina XXL, BAAAAAMMMMMMMMM!!!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Flight Bags Paname

The Flight Bags Paname Collection: Well, I finally was able to see the passport and Zippy wallet in person. It does have a distinct odor but not as bad as what my SA had led me to believe. The whole staff at the boutique found it amusing that I was sniffing the product inside and out. Hehehehehe. Only Louis Vuitton LoVer! Apparently, one of the Epi colors from seasons past proved to be a problem because it practically reeked of dead rat. Many unhappy returns were made which is a nightmare for any LV associate. In any case, featured here is the Takeoff ($2180); Passport Holder ($405) and Zippy Wallet ($855). All available in Red, Yellow or Blue. Visit or save on tax at

First LVook: Kalahari PM

Also making the e-shopping circuit is the hand/elbow carried Kalahari PM. The little darling of the Spring Summer 2009 Fashion show, its clam shaped body and beadworks ahangin' gives you that ethnic, tribal feel. I think I want to go to a safari now. $2660 at LVoe it too!!!

First LVook: Kalahari GM

The Kalahari GM is now available for purchase at!!!! A beautiful Monogram canvas from the Spring Summer 2009 Collection, the Kalahari as toted by Music Icon Madonna in her latest LV ads, is festooned with resin beadworks and pompons with the LV initials. Metal eyelets finish the look to create volume to the flap. LVoe it!!! $3390

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Queen and I

SS 2009 African Queen Mara, February 26, 2009. LVoe it!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Angel's New Vuitton Accesories

Angel's birthday is coming up soon so we decided to get her a Vert Tonic Vernis Cles. Of course, whilst in the boutique, she decided to spruce up her crappy phone with an LV charm from the Stephen Sprouse Collection. Lastly, the backdrop she used to showcase her new babies is an old agenda cover from the 90's courtesy of her mom. Happy Birthday, kiddo and enjoy them in good health!!! LVoe ya!!!

First LVook: Mahina Colors Chocolat & Biscuit

Already out (but cannot be released 'til Sunday) are the new colors for the Mahina Leather: Chocolate (above) and Biscuit (below). With the success of its predecessors, the new colors are a welcome addition for Spring Summer 2009. Also being re-released is the popular Gris. This color having the advantage of showing the perforations rather well than the other models but it looks like the Biscuit will also have that same effect.

First LVook: Epi Neo Pont-Neuf

Also coming out for Epi fans is the Neo Pont-Neuf in PM and GM. Retailing for $1610 and $2080, respectively, this would be a delight for those who want a more discreet LV. It will also come out in the new rubis (red) color as well. Special thanks to Hoang for the pics. LVoe ya!!!

First LVook: Boétie

Slated to be released in March 15 is another Monogram canvas piece, the Boetie that will be a part of the permanent core collection. It comes in three sizes: PM, MM and GM. The PM having a shorter strap while the GM has an extra strap option. Prices for the US are PM $1800 MM $2180 & GM $2580. The approximate dimensions are PM 14.5x9x6; MM 17x12x8 and GM 20x10.5x9. Special thanks to Hoang for the pics. LVoe it!!!

Victor Reyes for Louis Vuitton's not for a bag collaboration but for a commissioned painting of the letter "S" for the Stephen Sprouse Launch party in San Francisco this month. Take note of the iconic monogram in the background. Learn more about the Victor Reyes here.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Louis Vuitton Sofia Coppola Collection

More pics of the SC bag and clutch from

Hubba Hubba: Dominic Cooper

I noticed him in Mamma Mia and liked him in the Duchess. Now I am in LVoe with him because of his Damier Graphite Keepall!!!

Let's LVook at Shoes: Men's Cadence High Boot

Now, before the winter is over, and we start pulling out our flip flops and strappy sandals, I wanted to feature this High Boot in calf leather. These all terrain boots features an insulating fur lining, two-toned sole and an embossed Damier pattern that gives away it's LV-ness. The detail that I LVoe about it though is the tiny belt that holds the lip together. $1420 at

Jessica Biel with LV jewelry

Two days after the 81st Academy Awards, as I was reviewing the best and worst dressed of them all, I just found out that Jessica Biel was wearing Louis Vuitton Jewelry from the Les Ardentes collection. Sadly, I can't get over her frumpy outfit though some sites mention her as one of the best dressed.

Monday, February 23, 2009

OMG Sarah!!! You look amazing!!! Congratz!!!

FYI: LV feautured is from Spring Summer 2004 Theda PM in Beige (color?) Visit

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Another First LVook : Paname & Savane Square Scarves

I have in a way snubbed Vuitton silk scarves because as you all know I am loyal to another brand. But the Paname Square (above) and Savane Square (below) for Spring Summer 2009 looks like I need to reconsider. Hopefully upon close inspection the quality of silk and hand rolled edges is as impeccable as my other passion. It only measures 22" x 22" though but I LVoe how they incorporated the 2009 bags and accesories collection into the Panama design. $210 at or

Saturday, February 21, 2009

First LVook: Pre Fall 2009

Louis Vuitton’s pre-fall collection celebrates the era of the 40's. I really don't see it but I LVoe the pink evening bag. As you can see the Multicolore Insolite is also featured here. Check out the full article at Photography by Karen Langley. Patent Leather Clutch Elaborate Quilted Evening Bag a la Minaudiere Insolite in Multicolore Sky High Wedges for the not so faint at heart Suede, Suede, Suede The three level zippered boots are quite interesting but hmmm...what's the Suhali seated on the chair???!!! I remember seeing it in the Lookbook. HELP LVOE READERS!!!


Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2009 Pieces

Reading the New York Times is always a delight but not one for trends and styles. So when their fashion section features several Vuitton Spring Summer 2009 offerings, you could just imagine my excitement. Check it out under Diversified Holdings. Photographed by Coppi Barbieri. LVoe the Savane!!! Savane Bag in Blue ($2700) and Showpiece only bracelet Runway Necklace ($1500)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Sprouse Up Your Life

Featured in Gaydom's premier periodical, Out Magazine, are the latest Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse Collection. With dancing and jumping boys, some of them half naked, the Graffiti is forever emblazoned as the embodiment of young and hip. I think I'll dream in Graffiti tonite! LVoe it!!! Graffiti sneaker boots Graffiti leggings in pink and Graffiti sneaker boots Graffiti leggings in orange and Graffiti sneaker boots
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