Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Night at the Museum

Since it opened, I have been wanting to check out the Terra Cotta Warriors at the National Geographic. As a belated Valentine's Day celebration, Jeff planned an evening for us of dinner and a museum. I was at awe to actually see them up-close. There were only a handful but the docent said that it's hard to seem them in China because they occupy a big expanse. This way, you are a mere three feet away and could actually see the amount of work and detail that went into each warrior. LVoe it!!! Waiting in line with Lucy. Remember the Jack and Lucy Charm from Halloween '06? Well, this is where the name Lucy came from. (at that time, the oldest human remains but I believe this is a replica) One of the warriors wanted to pose with my Beaubourg. Doesn't he LVook dashing? (Don't worry, this is a replica too)


  1. phewww
    thank god that was a replica!
    for a moment there i was about to scream worrying that the hands might fell off!

  2. OMG! If the hand broke, you'll be calling for a blood bath!

    Shocked the gejeeburs out of us!

  3. How are you? Hope all is well.

    I have been checking your blog over the past few weeks as I am considering making an LV purchase this year. And...I see that in the post above, that you are carrying what I am considering getting: Cabas Beaubourg Damier. (I already own the speedy, makeup pouch, and some wallet items in Damier)

    I want a functional/practical eveyday tote; something I can carry over my shoulder but also carry in my hand and NOT have it touch the ground. And something neutral enough to coordinate with my wardrobe (although, LOL: I wear a lot of black...!) Anyway...I love the compartments inside, esp the zippered half, and the pocket outside. I have gone into the boutique to actually see this piece and it appears to fit the bill.

    How do you like it? Is this your go-to tote...? How is the bottom fairing? LV is not a fan of those tacks on the bottom of their bags and while I TRY to avoid placing my speedy on the ground, a tote will likely end up there more times than not...

    Thanks and looking forward to your reply....

  4. I saw the same exhibition in Italy last year, quite stunning.
    Most of the statues, if not all were replica's, but still very interesting.
    Funny shot with your Beaubourg.


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