Sunday, June 22, 2008

As for the Men's Fall 2008-2009: The Graphite Collection

Estimated release August. No photos from runway were a Danube $1250, Messenger $1560, a tote with strap called Tadao $1310 and several leather goods like the Brazza, bifold wallet, key holder, iphone case, belts, shoes etc. as well as scarves and caps. est. $4000 Porte Document est. $1760 Grimaud est. $1750 Keepall est. $1225 Nil est. $1150


  1. Louisvuittonlover is sort of a celebrity. I mentioned him at my local Nashville (green hills) louis vuitton boutique, because one of the SAs asked me how I knew so much about all of the upcoming collections (im only 16) and I told her, that I read it (louisvuittonlover's blog) daily.
    She told the other SAs and many of them read it as well.
    Keep up the Great Work!

  2. Oh, wow. I'm flattered. Thanks, Mac!

  3. Hey!

    I just found your blog love it! Its such a nice read.

    I wanted to ask for your opnion as I am making my first LV bag purchase. I like the look of Salina but also Tisse? I need something that is spacious because I cart a lot of stuff around! Is there a LV bag in particular you would recommend?!


  4. Hmmm...I really LVoe the Monogram Tisse collection so I am biased to that one. The Salina on the other hand makes quite a statement with those strips of red leather. Since this is your first LV, I would suggest the Salina due to the classic monogram canvas but with a twist. Lastly, consider from the core collection, the Neverfull. Thanks for visiting!

  5. Hi f~a~l~b (:
    Do you know if the helmet in Damier Graphite, worn by one of the models at the show is gonna be available at the Louis Vuitton Bouttiqués ?

  6. I believe I saw a helmet and matching scarf in the lookbook.

  7. Okay thanks (: , i think im going to ask the SA in Copenhagen because it just looks so cool (:

  8. Thanks for ur advice. Ooohh I like the neverfull. Now I can't decide - salina or neverful?? I would buy both but don't u think the shapes are too similar? (I might be wrong)....

    Lastly what do you think of lv belts are u a fan?? Thanku!!

  9. Hey

    Sorry I am not sure if my last msg got through - I can't decide between neverful and salina!! Can I ask ur opinon. Do u think their shapes are too similar to own both? ! !

  10. Well, they do look similar but the Salina has more personality. I would go for that if money is not an issue. Plus, the Salina is seasonal, so once gone, it will be gone forever. GoodLVck!


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