Saturday, October 29, 2011

Louis Vuitton LVook-See UPDATE: Collections are released November 2!

My boutique invited me yesterday to have LVook-See of the Fall Winter bags that are slated to be released this November 1st but are now pushed back to November 15th. It must be a marketing ploy to catch the wave of Holiday shoppers since I noticed even the Speedy 30 is out of stock on line. Also, rumour has it that LV is planning to change the label "made in USA" for those that come from the San Dimas Factory. Apparently they found a loophole to skirt putting the label on. I guess the US will now be exporting LV to meet the worldwide demand and as most of you know, the rest of the world particularly Asia and Europe prefer the "made in France" pieces. They are all the same in terms of quality anyways so I dunno what the big deal is. Hmmm....well, let's wait and see if it's really going to happen....In any case, shall we LVook at the bags? The first one they took out was the Olympe from the High End Collection. This is not the first time that LV has created a canvas and leather combo but what I noticed is that the canvas was so soft and supple that it feels like leather. I was truly amazed by this. The bag has three compartments with a middle zipper. I found the flap cumbersome but it can easily be folded inside to make the bag "open". Between the two, I prefer the Bordeaux but it would have been fabulous in black. I initially thought this was a seasonal line but apparently the LVook book says its permanent so maybe they will release it in other colours. The detailing is very LV especially the locks. The vache zippered compartment in the back as well the the tabs in the closure was a little bit incongruent with the rest of the design but I guess that it's LV's signature leather so it works. The next reveal was the Artsy in its new colour Aubergine. By happenstance, I was carrying my old Onatah also in Aubergine but Artsy's colour was flatter and matte as opposed to the pop that my Onatah has. What impressed me the most is the new Empreinte Citadine GM. I am totally in LVoe with this bag!!!! It comes in Etoupe, Orange and this Midnight Bleu colour that was really, really, really nice. The straps were comfy and the compartment was deep. Also, it came with a small pochette that is detachable. Sigh....*Francis*, I told myself...only one bag a season, walk away since it's part of the permanent line, stop touching the bag, stop playing with it, stop sniffing it...sigh. I am in LVoe!


  1. By USA law, LV will have to put where the bag was made SOMEWHERE in the bag. LV will probably put a tiny ting tag deep inside an inside pocket that says Made In USA.

    Prada has started to play games with a bunch of their bags. Deep inside their inner pockets you will find a SUPER tiny tag that either says Made in CHINA or Made In Italy. You can find this even inside their boutiques.

  2. do you know how much is the olympe? thanks

  3. I think it was like $3400 or so. Thanks for visiting!

  4. I just got this bag for my mom for Christmas, the salesgirl told me it was limited edition, is this false?


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