Thursday, June 10, 2010

Back from the Philippines

First off, I would LVike to thank everyone who e-mailed me their concerns when my blog appeared to be defunked. I should have posted that I was going for a long overdue trip to my homeland. I chose to be disconnected for the duration of my stay to savour more the delights of the Philippines. So, here are a few snapshots. I hope you like 'em. Arriving in Seoul after a harrowing 14-hour flight. Sadly, Incheon doesn't play host to a Vuitton. The following day, Jeff and I took a trip to see the world renowned Bamboo Organ, the only one of its kind. Tucked in a quaint church in Las Pinas, it stood witness to life in old Manila. Dinner at Sentro with the whole family is something that I would sadly miss. Early morning flight to Cebu, a southern island of the PI, of course with a abanico in hand. We immediately trecked to the shrine of Lapu-Lapu, the chieftain who felled Ferdinand Magellan and thus honored as the first Filipino to reject colonialism. An evening with my African Queen at the Shangri-la. The next day began with a pilgrimage to the Santo Nino de Cebu, the first Catholic icon that arrived in the Philippines, gifted to Queen Juana 489 years ago. Magellan's Cross planted on Philippine shores. I LVoe old houses so we went to see Casa Gorordo, a typical Spanish Colonial house that contains period furniture. Not far is the Heritage of Cebu Monument... ...and Fort San Pedro. Ending a beautiful day with a beautiful sunset! Of course, our last day was spent at a mall, the Ayala Center, Cebu. Just a few shots of the wonderful Shangri-la in Mactan Island. Back to Manila with a required trip to none other than Louis Vuitton! With my dear friend, Patty! Another old house, the Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine. Geez, I have never been to these historical places even as a kid, so I am thankful that I had Jeff with me who is very much interested in them. Also, I was dragged to a PBA game. (yet another brilliant idea from Jeff) but I enjoyed boys nite out...seriously! We then flew an hour and a half to enjoy some noodles in Hong Kong. 5 Canton Road being at the top of the agenda. ...with a bonus LV at the Peninsula. Of course, to see the Ngong Ping Buddha is a must with its wonderful cable car ride. As well as the incline of Victoria Peak. Back in Manila, Casa Jose Rizal, the Philippines' National Hero was up next con mi madre and Jeff. I want one of these in my backyard!!!!!!! I just LVoe the capiz windows in Philippine Old World homes. My trip would not be complete without paying homage to my Patroness, Nuestra Señora del Santísimo Rosario de La Naval de Manila. Sadly, this is the only pic I took of my brother's family and it's set in their local Costco! My last days were spent going out with friends, Patty... ...and Che who bought a lil' something from a lil' store. A big shout out by the way to Julianne who so LVoeingly helped us and who recognized me from my blog. Merienda daw oh! WOW, CRISPY PATA!!! Sarap!!! and DILIS FRIED RICE!!! Kainan na!!! Cat, Che and Sherry. Too bad I didn't take a pic with Yong and the ever so charming, Wilson. Sigh, Che, Sherwin and I a few hours before my flight back...sigh.


  1. U had a wonderful holidays. Glad u're come back.

  2. yeay!!
    u're back!
    miss your blog soo much!
    phewww.. for a moment there i was worried u might lost interest to blog on LV! hahaha
    glad that's sorted!

  3. Glad Ur Back!! Was Miss Ur Blog.


  4. Glad you were on holiday and I am sure you had a great time at the Phil..
    Great to see all these pics.
    And you even made Canton Road! Such an amazing LV Store.
    Hope you saw Cartier too, just across the Rd. from LV.
    Good that you're back, so we can follow your Blog again.

  5. wow glad youre back :) and i must say ang ganda ng cebu :) please post more blog entries i missed reading it :)

  6. Totally missed your blog. I love the pics. Okay did you get a new Birkin? OMFG!!!! Also noticed the goyard...I am hunting for one in blue for the beach. Love your style :)

  7. Wow those are wonderful pictures :)

    I was also in Cebu for the last 7 months and ur pictures brought some nostalgia. Keep posting!
    Love reading your blog..esp. the LV sightings.

  8. Thanks for writing again! I feel like kicking myself for passing up an opportunity for a "meet and greet" with you, care of your equally fabulous friend Patty. I hope I will be available to see you the next time you visit Manila. I am really glad you're back.

  9. San yung iba nating pics? Send them to me nalang sa email ko. You dont want to upload them naman sa FB eh. Miss you friend. - Che


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