Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Louis Vuitton Holiday 2009 Catalogue

I decided to repost the Louis Vuitton 2009 Holiday Catalogue but this time with clear photographs and corresponding price list that went with it (*** denotes information available from 866.vuitton). Entitled “Les contes de Louis Vuitton”, it is a story inspired by the great French fairytale writer Charles Perrault. Credits are: Photographer Vincent Gapaillard; Art direction William Snieg; Prop stylist Jean Hugues de Chatillon. Special thanks to Mr. Snieg at Of course visit to view the cool presentation of the catalogue. Happy Holidays, everyone!!! Totally Monogram Bag $970, Bag charm in resin and strass $450 Wilshire Boulevard Bag in Monogram Vernis $825, Sarah Wallet in Monogram Vernis $660 Stand By Me large ring yellow gold $1640, Lockit Bag in Suhali Leather $2640, Le Somptueux Wallet in Suhali $870 Mon Monogram Speedy Bags in Monogram Canvas $1030 Tie in silk $195, LV Initiales belt in Damier $420, Knitted scarf in cahsmere $515, Scarf in cashmere $515, Boston reversible belt in Damier embossed leather $545, Sunglasses in metal $530 Tambour Orientation automatic alligator strap $10600, Messenger Bag in Monogram Canvas $1140, Asphalt richlieu sneaker in calf leather *** Pilot case in Taiga $2800, Brazza Wallet in Damier canvas $490, Initials LV key holder in metal $250 Tambour alarm clock Damier canvas case $2570, Cargo fountain pen alligator yellow gold, $1820, Doc roller leather rhodium $825, Key holder 6 in Damier canvas $195, Compact wallet in Utah leather $715, Wallet for bills and credit cards Utah leather, $605, Pendant in metal and leather $405, Bracelet in metal and leather $450 Neverfull bags in Monogram $750, $700, $650, Neverfull bags in Damier $750 and $650, Neverfull Bag in Crocodile $31100, Key Holder in metal and lacquer $360, Bandeau silk twill $150, Sunglasses in acetate $610 Tambour Lovely Cup, yellow gold and steel, rubber strap $6850 Monogram Etoile City Bag in Monogram Canvas $2330, Monogram Etoile Compact Wallet in Monogram Canvasd $550, "Oh Really!" pump in patent calf leather *** Pendant in metal, strass, lacquer and resin, $420, Bracelet in metal, strass lacquer and resin, $550, Inclusion bracelets in resin, strass and metal, $420 and $310, Bracelets in wood and lacquer $265, Bracelets in resin and metal, $295 and $310 Courtney Bag in Monogram Multicolore $2430, Key Holder 4 $235, LV Trunks and Bags Belt $465 Square 90 in silk twill $350, Stole in cashmere and silk, $855, Square 70 in silk twill $310, Sistina bag in Damier canvas $1720, Sistina wallet in Damier Canvas $710 Tambour automatic chronograph, steel bracelt $5950, Davis Bag in Monogram Macasar Cans $1410, Boston Reversible belt in Damier embossed leather $545 Tribeca Derby in glazed calf leather *** Tambour in Black automatic GMT, rubber strap $4100, Signature cufflinks in sterling silver and onyx, $640 Louis Vuitton Book, Art, Fashion and Architecture $130, Europe City Guide $130, London City Guide $34, Los Angeles City Gude $34, Paris City Guide $34, Rome City Gude $34, Miami City Gude $34, Mumbai City Guide $35, New York City Gude, $34, Tokyo City Gude $34 Stresa Bag in Monogram Canvas $1360 Craquantes large pendant with chain, white gold set with pink sapphire and diamonds $5550, Asymmetrical Luxuriantes earrings, white gold set with pink sapphires and diamonds, $39000, Luxuriantes Grappe ring, white gold set with pink sapphires and diamonds $39000 Bellevue Bag in Mongram Vernis leather $1090, Sunset Boulevard Clutch in Monogram Vernis Leather, $845, Zippy Coin Purse in Monogram Vernis Leather $395 Minaudiere Tresor in embroidered python $4670 Lunar Bag in Mahina Leather $2640, Key Holder in Metal $420 "Glamorise Me!" open tow pump in satin moire *** Tambour Holgram Monogram Folcon, diamond, Monogram Vernis leather strap ***, Flocon coin purse in Monogram Vernis leather *** Bagatelle Bag in Epi leather $1940, Astrid wallet in Epi leather $855 L'Absolu bag in Crocodile leather $38900 LV Initiales belt in Damier canvas $420, Tie in silk, $195, Stole in cashmere and silk, $715, Scarf in mink, $2490, Broadway richelieu in patent Epi Leather *** Daniel Bag in Damier Canvas, $1030, Keepall bag with shoulder strap in Damier canvase, $1200, Modulable compact wallet in Damier Canvas, $550, Modulable Long Wallet in Damier canvas, $595, Boston Reversible belt in Damier embossed leather, $545 Alma bag in Epi leather ***, Eight-watch case in Monogram canvas, $4070, Beauty case in Monogram canvas, $3360, Jewelry box in Monogram canvas (made to order), $4070, Jewelry box in Suhali leather, $8150 (made to order), Jewelry Vanity box in Suhali leather (made to order) $35900, Alzer suitcase in Epi leather $11900, $11200 and $10800 (made to order). Bag charm in metal and strass $340 Milla pouch in mink ***, Ear muff in leopard printed mink with silk ribbon "Lucky You!" sandal in patent calf leather***, Ring in metal and strass $360 Accesories pouch in Monogram canvas, $325, Key holder in metal resin and lacquer, $375, Key case in Monogram Canvas $165, Insolite purse in Monogram canvas, $295, Sunglasses in acetate, $480, Charm pen, cotton resin $360, Scarf in wool, $655, Gloves in wool, $420, LV Inventeur belt in Monogram Canvas, $465, Bracelet in metal and resin, $255, Pendant in metal and resin, $420 Madison richlieu in Taiga calf leather This last photo never made it to the print catalogue but it features a Tambour (Forever?) watch with a "Stand By Me" Ring.


  1. Hi Francis!
    I LVoe your blog! I came upon your blog by googling "LV blog". I read your blog entries and I like what I see. I love your purses collection! Drool.... ;). I was born and raised in the Philippines. I saw pictures of you and your friends there in DC. I recently moved here in Frederick, MD. It made me miss home, my friends, and family.I purchased my LV this year as a gift to myself. I want another LV. As in now na!! It's addictive. Andrea ;)

  2. Awww...thanks Andrea. It's so good to hear from Filipinos reading my blog. So what will you be getting next? Send me a pic of you and your new LVoe.


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