Monday, December 29, 2008

Weekend in New York

The Holidays wouldn't be complete without a trip to the Big Apple. So, when Jeff and I had the opportunity to take off from our busy work schedules, it was numero uno on our agenda to spend a weekend there. Here are pics from beautiful New York City! First stop! The Metropolitan Museum of Art! Here, we got to enjoy the time honored tradition of the Met's glorious Baroque Angel Tree. I've seen the tree before but I can't help being emotional everytime I'm in its presence. Standing beneath the Museum's Christmas arrangement for the season, I was fortunate enough to have my pic taken before they replaced it with spring flowers that was flanking me on both sides. Next, Jeff wanted to see the Beyond Babylon exhibit. Interesting, but at this point, I was all museumed out. Of course, pilgrimage to One East! The windows were quite festive and filled with the flowers alit with Holiday splendour. Here's a close up. Inside, the newly renovated/redesigned store had its very own Bag Bar. The awesome thing about it was that the shelving moved to display other bags from within. Pretty high tech. Interesting pieces that I saw were the Perforated Python Delphes pictured above... ...and its matching Lutece clutch. The suspended antique trunks that decorate the interior is something that we couldn't photograph before (unless you were quick enough to dodge security) but is now allowed by LV. The luggage corridor not only boasts an array of travelling pieces but also showcases mannequins sporting the Fall Winter Women's ready-to-wear. The one thing that made me take a second look was the Men's Spring Summer 2009 Suede Duffel. It was encased in glass and looked like a puppy that needed to find a good home. We left empty handed but the Murakami facade cheerfully waved good-bye. The artist's signature is prominently displayed for all to see. Domo arigato kon-itchywa! Lastly, we couldn't leave the area without paying homage to Saint Patty's creche...the true pilgrimage and the Reason for the season. Hope you all enjoy the rest of the Holidays!!!


  1. what the.... how could you???

    im sure babalik ka din. remember Chanel?

  2. OMG, is that a birkin on your hand?!

    My HAC 50 should be ready by feb-june time ive been waiting for over 3 years now

  3. Wow that was a great weekend, have not been in NYC for quite some months.

  4. BIRKIN!!!! why? whats is that 40cm?

  5. hey upper east sider I saw what you're hiding in u really think we can't see that blue birkin your toting?hehehehe...mabuhay ka F!and Happy New Year...

  6. Hi there... I have been your silent reader for soo long!! OMGGGGGG a BIRKIN!!! GOSH!!! I seriously wonder when will I ever have one in my collection!!

    Its absolutely to DIE FOR!!

    Have a wonderful new year!!! Hope all your dreams come true!

  7. Can you tell me where you got your birkin bag? Did you have to special order it or something....


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