Saturday, August 23, 2008

Thank You for Visiting

This was posted this morning by anonymous: "Hello, I don't understand why you dress so average and wear ugly 10.00 sandals, but model with LV bags. It questions if they are even real or if you just go in and ask to see a bag and have a friend take a picture to pretend you bought it or own it! Clean up your sloppy look"! Thanks again, anonymous poster. You gave me a brilliant idea for a new category: Sloppy LVooks


  1. Wow!! What a rude comment!!! I think you look cute!! And you have great taste in LV bags!!!

    I don't understand why some people feel the need to say rude things - it's ok to have an opinion but there is also something known as tact and when to "express" that opinion. Being rude is just not cool.

    I really like your blog!!! Keep up the great work!!

  2. inggit lang yan.
    true luxury is about not giving a damn.

  3. inggit lang yun. this is the funiest picture in your blog. more sloppy pictures.

  4. I support Sloppy LVooks!! I agree with Chuvaness, and I actually loved that quote (I will use it on my blog! haha!)

    "True luxury is about not giving a damn!!"

    So, kung sino man yung IG (Inggitera) dyan, kiver!!!

  5. im with Chuvaness 100%... true luxury is is when you combine it with a degree of nonchalance.

  6. Hellooooo! Those ugly $10.00 sandals is actually $5.95 plus tax in full price, not on sale. Get your price right, Anon. Gandah mo neh!!!!

  7. there is beauty in being free to wear whatever you like, no matter if it's $10 or less, and still be able to pair it with your priced LVs...whoever wrote that annoying comment has sloppy beans for brains. Liberate yourself from your head-to- toe-matching-everything-coordinated but really backward world.

  8. Cute blog!
    I lvoe your style. :)

  9. From anonymous poster:
    FALSE, "True luxury is not about giving a damn" is about what deluxeduck wrote, "...true luxury is when you combine it with a 'degree' of nonchalance." I wasn't meaning to be rude, towards LV, and the comment wasn't in reference to luxury at all, it was towards style.

  10. he/she must not hide his identity.. commenting on a certain issue anonymously means just having a big mouth with no decency..

  11. ikaw nga patingin ng picture mo. baka naman sloppy ka na eh wala ka pang LV. dyusko day, maghinay hinay sa pang aapi kung walang karapatang mangapi.

  12. I believe what deluxeduck meant was that true luxury mixed with nonchalance is not caring as to whatever you are wearing, whatever you're doing, whereever you're going because as long as you can AFFORD luxury, WHO CARES what we look like?!?!?! But then of course, there are people who can't have what we have and unsurprisingly WILL have something to say about it. But not to worry, because hopefully one day a glimmer of light will shine upon them a chance at luxuriousness, and only then MAYBE they'll understand the lifestyle we live in.

    Salamat DeluxDuck!

  13. That was a rude comment!
    But I think people sometimes wonder the same, you do dress average, regular masculine guy, but you carry very femenine bags, that usually not much people can afford, so yes, sometimes you left people wondering...

    I think your style it's perfectly fine, but most people when carrying ultra expensive luxurious intricate bags (Irvine Miroir Lockit, Watercolor Speedy), tends to even that wearing other type of clothes... Not "Casual friday" clothes

    I guess all your money and effort goes to LV...

    (I do love your bags though, I couldnt pull them off as you (I'm a shy boy) so I must admit a bit of envy)

    I'm sorry if this sound hard but you sholudn't be surprised about that comment it is a very obvious comment to make.

  14. "Sloppy"? Gee, some people have pathetic ways of expressing their jealousy.

    I love your blog and think you are fabulous.

    You can wear something from the Greenhills tiangge and STILL look fine to me -- it's all in the attitude!

    Look me up if you happen to come to OZ and I will show you how we Aussies kick arrogant butts!

  15. Hi I was so fortunate to see your blog, fabulous LV Bags... I started collecting LV 3 years back but compared to your collections I am so way, way back... I thought I'm alone but not anymore, I have my fairy god mates to look up to! Keep posting for more LVoe...


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