Saturday, June 30, 2007

Welcome to the Speedy 30 Club

Just came from Neiman's to exchange the Neverfull with a classic shape of the house of Vuitton, the Speedy 30 in Monogram Mini Lin. I know I cannot hope to be the great Audrey but here's my humble homage to her. (Monogram Mini Lin Speedy 30, Neiman Marcus June 30, 2007)


  1. hi, i happen to just see ur blog, and i have never seen sum1 hus really in-love with LV. anyway, since i assume that u are an LV expert, may i ask ur opinion on something...
    if u were to choose between a NEVERFULL PM and a SPEEDY 30 (both a classic monogram), what would u choose (hopefully u cud advise me) im a 28 year old girl (on the petite side, 5"), mestiza. i usually carry around my wallet,ipod,kikay kit, xda, digicam, cellphone,coin purse. If luck goes my way, it would be my FIRST ever LV bag so id really like to choose wisely, something that could be used day and night...
    :) i hope its not too much too ask some reviews on the pros/cons of the 2 bags i mentioned. thanks and more LVs to come for you :) cheers!

  2. Hi tintin,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. By no means am I an expert but here's what I think. The Speedy is a classic icon and is a great starter bag. It holds a ton and sits nicely on the hand. The Neverfull PM on the other hand is a wee bit too small for my taste. It looks like you carry a lot so if you are going for the Neverfull, I would suggest getting the MM instead of the PM. Remember too that the Neverfull is an open bag, so the security of your stuff could be a concern. Whatever you choose, I'm sure it would be fabulous. GoodLVck!

  3. Hi, I just see ur blog and I’m very interested with LV. I want to buy my first LV bag, I like the speedy 35 monogram watercolor , but sadly the bag is out of stock right now. Do you know when I can get this bag?
    I want to ask your opinion : if you were choose between a Speedy 35 monogram watercolor = $ 1,270 and a Speedy 30 Damier canvas + Epi leather Brazza Wallet = $ 1,255. What would you choose? I soo confuse 1 bag or 1 bag+ 1 wallet.
    This my first time to get LV bag. Please help me.

  4. Hi there m3rl1n,

    Sadly, the Watercolor Speedy is a Spring Summer 2008 Collection. I don't know if your local LV store will have new stock because it is a seasonal, one-shot deal item. As for your other question, the Speedy + Brazza alternative is very LVoely. I have both that I use quite often. The Brazza is the perfect wallet for me. I hope this helps and thank you for visiting my blog.


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