Friday, June 29, 2007

The Neverfull Saga

After much thought...well, not really...I decided to rush to Neiman Marcus and grab me the Neverfull. It's a wonderful bag and the first of my LV that is made stateside. I met an extremely helpful SA and was very pleased with the transaction. I even had to drive back minutes after I got home since I astutely noticed that the stars and flowers were not aligned on one seam of the bag. She must think I am the customer from hell! Turns out, most of them were not perfectly aligned. I LVOE, LVOE the Neverfull!


  1. hi. since you already have a neverfull GM, i was wondering if you could tell me how to spot the fake from the authentic one? my friend is selling me hers (10% discounted and plus it was only used 2x so i was thinking it's a good deal. unfortunately she already lost the receipt that's why she won't return it to the store). it's not like i don't trust her, i just want to make sure it's shelling a few hundreds for it so it would be quite an issue to me if it turns out to be a knockoff. anyway, i've looked at the bag and inspected it, it looked authentic. good stitching, good color, good pattern, looks exactly like the one on the pic...i could email you pics too so you could tell me if i'm being duped. i highly value your opinion since you know a lot about LV bags and you love it so. can you please describe the inside or the outside bottom of yours? thanks so, so much!

  2. Hi Ria, I think your best bet is to post in the authentication thread of the Purse Forum. At least there, you are getting the opinions of several people. If you are not a member, I would be happy to post your pics for you so e-mail them to me. Visit again soon.


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