Sunday, November 22, 2015

LOUIS VUITTON Palm Springs Backpack MINI

 I have not stepped in a Louis Vuitton store in ages but I bolted out of the couch when I saw this online.  I should have been nursing a painful foot but I rallied in the name of LVoe and braved the throngs of early Holiday shoppers. There were only 19 left in the country and only 1 in my immediate area. 1-866 was so efficient by calling the store on my behalf and placing it on hold for 48 hours. I don't remember them being so accommodating before but it was a pleasant experience all the way. So here he is, my Palm Springs Mini Backpack from Cruise 2016. (Bloomies November 21, 2015)
Allow me to review this latest interpretation from Nicolas Ghesquière. The seemingly small bag holds quite a lot. Lined in black nylon, it creates the illusion of being cavernous. It actually contains my LV sunnies (with case mind you), a 10 credit card wallet, a card holder, a hefty coin purse that I use for my rosary, and a Loewe Toro Animales where I store my earphones and charger. That's quite impressive for one so little and with a bit more room to spare. The Monogram canvas is soft and plumpy to the touch. They must have put something between the canvas and lining to make it so. The adjustable straps have several configurations that you can play with, affording you different ways to carry the bag. My personal favourite is crossbody style. I LVoe the top handle detail. Not only does it make it utilitarian, but it attractively pulls the black leather pieces together. That too is soft and plumpy when you grab it.  The zipper pulls are easily accessed, though in the proposed design the main compartment originally had two but was only produced having one. I kinda like the look of double zippers but what can you do? The black tabs are useful when opening the tiny outer pocket. The folded canvas though that covers the zippers worries me that in time it will chafe off as you open and close the bag. Hopefully, that doesn't happen. Lastly, I used to be VERY particular with flower alignment and my unit does not have it perfectly. I do not have the luxury of time to wait for another one to be shipped to me because I want to use it for my upcoming trip. I guess with age comes wisdom, sort of, and you tend to not let little things bother you anymore. But one thing is for sure, this Mini Backpack has awakened the Louis Vuitton Lover in me once more.
 LVoe it!!!


  1. can you post a mod shot of you using the bag? thanks.

  2. Will you share the price info of the bag pls pls?

    1. In the US, it is $1590 before tax. Thank you for visiting.


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