Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cap on LV.com Purchases

Did you guys know that there is currently a cap on purchases made through www.louisvuitton.com? Apparently if you order too many stuff in a brief period of time, customer service will place a call to inform you that you cannot purchase anymore for the next 12 months!!! So far, this seems to be an LV US policy so I would like to hear from people abroad. It must be the shortage or they're trying to curb the resale market or they are simply making Vuitton products less available so people can crave for them. My advice is: CHOOSE YOUR PURCHASES WISELY. Any thoughts?


  1. bad idea on vuittons part.. what, do they think theyre hermes?

  2. Interesting! I'd sure like to hear LV's reason for instituting this disclaimer.

  3. Lots of LV are made in USA now. Shortage? don't think so. Attitude? big Yes. Beside, why not go to the store and bitchy to SA...why buy online?


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