Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Overzealous Fan & Robert Pattinson

If it weren't for her Cabas Piano, I would have kicked the living daylights outta her!!! He isssshhhhzzz mine!


  1. Oh, he's yours! The Cabas Piano's fake... no rivets on the straps in the authentic version- and the shape's all wrong, for starters! No wonder you were feeling so violent! :)


  2. So you like fake bags then? Haha..

    "If it weren't for her FAKE Cabas Piano, I would have kicked the living daylights outta her!!!"

  3. you should anyway! that bag is fake!!!

  4. That's A Fake!!!

  5. Ooopppsss...I didn't even notice that her bag was fake. I was so engrossed LVooking at Robert's disdain. Thanks, guys. That's the reason I don't trust myself to authenticate just by pics. No expert here, just LVoer.


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