Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mail Inquiry (Any info among my readers?!)

Hello, I was doing some LV internet searches and came accross your Blog. Very comprehensive and a great source for information. Please keep it up - great reading. I have a quick question for you. My wife's a big Vernis purse fan and our sales associated on Sunday (in Toronto) mentioned that the current seasonal colors (pink, green, blue, orange) are to be short lived and discontinued in ~June/2009 with new seasonal vernis colors arriving for the July to December 2009 period. Would you happen to have heard what the new July to December 2009 vernis colors are going to look like ("official" color names don't mean much) and which city purse models the colors would apply to? She said that one of the colors was a very deep olive green and there were another 4 or 5 other new colors coming in July 2009. But she couldn't say which purses were to come in which new colors. Unfortunately, the store wasn't able to find their announcement letter which identified which new 2009 vernis colors were to be with what purses in July. Would you have heard? Which new vernis colors are hitting the shelves in July 2009 and which purses they'll apply to. Thanks. Rob.


  1. i've heard of a new dark blue (similar to the old indigo) and a coppery/bronze colour (lighter than than the old bronze) coming for PreFall'09.

  2. hi..i've also heard that there will be a dark blue color.. i also was told that the pomme d'Amour and amarante is going to be gone soon...my sa told me that once they run out, that's it...


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