Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Scarf for my LV Pearl

Well, after much searching of the Fall Winter selections at my local mall, I finally found a knitted scarf that is worthy of my Mechanic Pearl Pique and it's TWELVE FEET LONG! I just LVoe it!!!

From Capri with LVoe

Alessandra from Capri, Italy in her fabulous Evidence sunnies just sent me these pics with her LVoely daughter carrying her Classic Monogram Alma as well as her newly purchased Monogram Shawl. Grazie Mille, A. La Bambina preziosa! LVoe it!!!

Philippine Actor Luis Manzano with Damier Graphite

The last time I was in Manila (back in 2007, I need to get back home soon), I saw a lot of men carrying toiletry cases as their man-clutch. Here in the US, I think men tend to still go for either a messenger or backpack. But a toiletry case is perfect if you just need your cell, keys and a wallet. So when Apol sent me this photo of Luis Manzano with a Damier Graphite, I was ecstatic! At first, I couldn't figure it out what it is, but an Anonymous poster said that it's the Rem and I agree with him or her. Thanks, LVoe it!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Wednesday, October 7, 2009 14:30

Photo: MrTFCC

Core Collection Bags: Popincourt Haut

I was inspired to create this new category when I saw a lady carrying the Popincourt Haut the other day. I have been so busy filling up my blog with what's up and coming that I've forgotten the pieces that have stood the test of fleeting seasons. The Popin is a triangular bag that is both functional and chic. Carried on the shoulder, it's relatively diminutive in style and is perfect for the petite clientelle. Measuring 10.6" x 9 x 4.7", the Monogram canvas bag has a cellphone slot and inner pocket. I just LVoe the brass globular detailing at the zipper pull. Currently $985. Visit

Friday, September 25, 2009

Louis Vuitton Candy Anyone?!

I have been waiting for the candy collection for quite sometime now and even feared that Louis Vuitton was not going to release them. Well they are here now as a fancy jewelry collection called the Tutti Sweety comprising of a bracelet and a pair of earrings as well as the Delice Collection consisting of a bag and cell phone charm. Both lines really speaks to the inner child in us, noh? LVoe, LVoe, LVoe it!!! Photos from Bagaholicboy. Visit

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Louis Vuitton and the 150th Anniversary of the Red Cross

Louis Vuitton celebrates the 150th anniversary of the Red Cross by commisioning six designers and artists to create six distinctive luggage pieces. They are illustrious photographer Annie Leibovitz, British artist Damien Hirst, head of LV SO, Patrick-Louis Vuitton, Master Chef, Ferran Adria ; Oscar-winning musician Gustavo Santaolalla and of course the Marc Jacobs . Every designer has created a special and practical suitcase according to personal occupation and interest. Annie designed a camera case, backpack and shoulder bag; Damien, a tall black trunk with trays to hold surgical instruments (tools for his artwork); Patrick-Louis a trunk to hold paints and brushes; Ferran a roller bag, Gustavo an instrument case and sweet darling Marc, a trunk made for his two pet dogs complete with pet bowls and a place to store his clothes and a photo of himself so that they wouldn't go LVoesick. The pieces will be auctioned by Sotheby's in London on November 17. Special thanks to SL for sharing this info and for the photos. Annie Leibovitz Backpack and Camera Case Design Illustrations for the Backpack (above) and Shoulder bag (below) Damien Hirst Don't you just LVoe seeing these kind of illustrations? Ferran Adria Roller Bag Gustavo Santoaalla Instrument Case Marc Jacobs Pet Luggage

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Louis Vuitton Rocket Necklace

Acquiring a rock N' roll vibe is difficult to do especially if you have only 9 links to make a choker. But this is what this coloured-lacquered brass necklace is boasting with its bold glass studs and velvet ribbon. What do you guys think? Visit

Louis Vuitton Daisy Necklace

Of course, we all know where the inspiration of this necklace came from. I have hazy memories of making these as a kid around Christmas time. Marc named it Daisy which I guess he LVoes since he already has a fragrance with that same name. The padlock is supposed to evoke "an iconic rock touch." Crafted out of 23 (resin or brass?!) links this choker really makes a statement. LVoe it!!! Visit

Louis Vuitton Mechanic Pearls Collection

A collection for Fall Winter 2009 2010, this feminine-industrial yin and yang is a must LVoe for costume jewelry aficionados. Comprised of a necklace, bracelet and my LVoely lil' hair pin, this line is made out of glass pearls fixtured in chains crafted out of steel and brass. The necklace and bracelet has a black beveled padlock that matches the lone black pearl lacquered in "soft touche". It's a playful collection but I am wondering if the padlocks would be too cumbersome. Visit

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Louis Vuitton Monogram Brocade Calliope

Of all the pieces in the Fall Winter 2009 2010 collection, the Monogram Brocade Calliope is got to be my most favourite. Intricately designed which features a unique fabric woven of silk and metallic threads, this little purse is lined in satin and has a resin pearl handle. It doesn't state in the website's description but it seems to me that shimmering, shining python is a major component of this piece, hence the $12k price tag (yikes!!!). The locks are quite an interesting detail, something that Mademoiselle Chanel would be proud of. What are the chances that I will get to see the Calliope in real life? Visit LVoe, LVoe, LVoe it!!!

Louis Vuitton Women's Fall Winter 2009 2010

Since today is the official start of the Autumnal Equinox (exactly four hours before this posting), what better way to kick it off with a fabulous intro vid for the Women's Collection. Check it out at LVoe those pearls!!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sunday, September 20, 2009

From Louis Vuitton Lover with LVoe

Continuing yesterday's thread of Blog Friends and their LV's, I wanted to share with all of you the wonderful e-mails that I have received. Sometimes I just get so busy with LVife or other LV updates that these e-mails get buried. But all the same, they bring much happiness to me when I get them and for that I offer my humble thanks. So to all my LVoe Readers: Maraming, Maraming SaLVamat Po!!! My Graffiti Neverfull and I at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Arlington Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia.

From Alex with LVoe

I delight so much in culinary LV especially if it is homemade. Alex and his friend made this marzipan confection of a Damier Speedy. It looks positively yummy, A. Thanks for sharing it with all of us! LVoe it!!!

From Manila with LVoe

Kiko from Manila stumbled upon my blog by "happy accident" when he was LVooking for pics of the Monogram Beaubourg. He purchased one as a pre-Christmas present for himself. We Filipinos tend to celebrate this Holiday as soon as Septem-brrrr roles in. You gave me a bright idea, K to go visit my boutique tomorrow. Thanks! LVoe it!!!

From Cimon with LVoe

I never did get to ask where Cimon is from, but I did identify his Monogram Glace Collection by soliciting the expert opinion of none other than Mr. Deluxe Duck. Mr. DD said that the messenger is the Steve with the Compact Zip Wallet and Multicles 4 in the foreground. I'm glad to be of help, C. Thanks for sending it in. LVoe it!!!

From Toshiyo with LVoe

From Tokyo to Prague, Toshiyo always remembers me when a Louis Vuitton Boutique is around. This time though, she acquired a Murakami Insolite Wallet and Pastilles Bag Charm. All the photos are LVoely, T. Thank you & LVoe it!!!
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